Sunday, January 18, 2009

America, America!!

President Lincoln is his chosen legacy...
President-Elect Obama, may you emulate all the 
goodness of President Lincoln and his presidency...
And may you never ever repeat its end.

Abraham Lincoln
~by Berton Bellis

Down thru endless ages,
Came a soul from others apart - 
Incased in a body of awkward appearance;
But in a true heavenly made heart.
He was born in a hewed log cabin, 
Grew up simple and plain;
This life - on earth a sacrifice, 
To remove from liberty a stain. 

No pen can give him due credit - 
No words the good of his mind;
But his love is forever burning, 
In the hearts of all human kind.
The world now bows to his honor,
And hail this emancipator's name;
Columbia is proud of his memory, 
He lives in everlasting fame...

...His life is a lesson for the living,
Show democracy is strength and sand,
That a good mind no matter how humble,
Can spread peace and love o're the land. 
"In God we trust" - our nation all - 
Our reward was grand and kind, 
For we'll always live and never fall!
By following this wonderful mind. the children

expect anything!


  1. Lets pray he can fix up our country and do some healing all over the world.

  2. After seeing his speech in Baltimore yesterday, I said to my husband, "He was born to be President".

    Dear Lord, Keep him safe from harm and help him guide our country back to greatness.

  3. Just the best photo ... and the poem .. wonderful.

    Lets not forget NO ONE can bring about change alone .. it is up to everyone of us ...

    And we can do it

  4. I agree with Deb. I just pray that he'll stay safe and that we'll do him proud.

  5. Annie: I do hope Obama is able to heal this nation in such strife.

  6. I love this - and the(almost) Mr. President. My daughter has been very active in his campaign form the beginning, and I had the honor and privilege of meeting both him and his wife, who is herself very impressive. Ruthi has done a lot of photography for the campaign, and worked the big concert, We Are One, today. It is an exciting, hopeful time. Maybe she'll let me post some of her pix here, but at the least, I'll post a link.

  7. I'm absolutely so emotional over this.

    Godspeed to our soon-to-be President. We expect a lot from him and he expects a lot from us. I hope we make him proud.


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