Friday, January 16, 2009

Not a Single Soul Was Lost...

Though this is Sky Watch Friday, I just have to add the following, (with great joy!): Yesterday a US Air jet taking off from LaGuardia (NYC) had a run-in with birds flying into its engine(s) that resulted in the plane having to be ditched in the Hudson River. BLESS that heroic pilot who was able to bring this huge beast down and save every single one of the passengers! It was just a wonderful, miraculous ending! 
Now on to Sky Watch Friday...

Sun-Rise, Moon-Set

Going to work two days ago I looked up and saw 
this wonderful waxing moon...
What a gorgeous sight to start my day!

expect anything!


  1. It's amazing isn't it? So wonderful.

  2. Beautiful shot. I am in love with that pilot;)

  3. Yes, that pilot deserves a medal! What a blessing that no one was killed. Beautiful moon and sky....indeed a great way to start a day!

  4. What a beautiful shot!

    And yes, what an awesome cool headed pilot. Amazing!

  5. I hear there is a Facebook group for the pilot. Gotta find it.

  6. It was a incredible job ... but I was astonished to see it not only take over the local news but then the national news AND a special news coverage program after that ... AND this morning it was all repeated AGAIN on the local news and GMA ...

    Did nothing else happen yesterday?

  7. I heard about the plane from Daryl. Very grateful the pilot was able to do such a phenomenal job.

  8. Wasn't that incredible? Last night the hubby & I were talking about the odds of that pilot being there for that flight. It was truly a miracle...

  9. Amazing talent that pilot had. Thankfully. Oh and that is a beautiful sky.

  10. Love you photo, especially the tree.

    The Hudson doesn't sound like a nice landing place, but being ALIVE sounds nice no matter where one lands.


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