Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Very Good Evening

It was a  very nice Gin-Rummy evening at the Bly home...

Dad, son, daughter and good friend - playing for $$'s of course! (Ok, ¢¢'s.)
Of course, Stella kept guard - cheat and your ankle is chomped! (Yeah, right.)

And while the Gin was being played, I was making my version of New Year's Day (after) Hoppin' John. I know, I know, a day late, but hopefully the good luck will count even when made one teeny tiny day late! Above, the finished product. Hop on over to MPM's to view her recipe. Mine isn't quite the same, but oh...the end result?

Simply excellent!

See? All gone!

P. S.  A most wonderful thing just happened! Son Bly just came in, asked what that was in the skillet, then had a big spoonful....and told me he loved it! For the very first time a child of mine has actually tasted and admitted to loving black eyed peas! (Ok, I admit I intentionally said Hoppin' John, not B.E.P.'s.) YES!! This makes me so happy! (Of course I never told him what they were called. My hubby and kids have never eaten B.E.P.'s or grits...because they don't like their names...think Dad might have influenced this just a bit??;-)

expect anything!


  1. Happy New Year! Good for you with that recipe and your son. If that ever happened with my daughter, I'd be on the rooftop singing my heart out. You give hope!

    Stella is quite a discrete bouncer!

  2. Hm, not a fan of black eyed peas...though I did eat one spoonful, just to say I did.

  3. I suppose next year I will try the black eyed peas, but I'm not sure anyone else would eat them. It's gonna be peer pressure!

  4. Your Hoppin' John looks delish. Glad middle son enjoyed the B.E.P. Sometimes kids (and husbands) don't *need* to know what stuff is; they just need to taste it first! :)

  5. Can't say I like the B.E.P.'s either! Never did!
    But, if they gotta be eaten, I'm glad it's someone else - not me!!! hehehe lol!!!

  6. Apparently I'm not southern...this is the second blog I've seen fixing Hoppin' John! My husband would love it, I'm sure...and he likes grits, too. We made bean soup without B.E.P. in the mixture of beans :-) They look better in Hoppin' John...maybe I'd like it.

  7. It doesn't matter how old they get, we sometimes still have to fib in order to get them to try new food.

  8. I never ate grits til I loved with a "Southren" (typo on purpose) Girl from Atlanta in college. My parents were from Iowa...we ate steak with our eggs for breakfast!

    Love grits and hoppin'john now!

    ~Mad(elyn) in Alabama

  9. OOPS! A significant typo - lived" with a girl from Atlanta.....

  10. My grammy made black eyed peas that were to die for! I love them. But I must admit until this year, I had NEVER heard of the tradition of eating them on Jan 1. I can't count the number of blogs I have seen with this same motif!

    Next year, I'm on board!

  11. Being a Canadian, I must confess that your Hoppin' John was new to me. It looks like my wife and I would enjoy it, especially if it was tangy.

    Looks like everyone had a good Christmas holiday.

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    Have a healthy and prosperous 2009.


  12. Good for you, it looks appetizing from here!

  13. Your peas look deliciso too!

    Neither of my children likes peas, but they will eat a bite out of fear, lol.

  14. Love the BEPs ... we have them every January 1st ... and several other times throughout the year too.

    The only way I can get my kids to eat them is to hide them in the chili!

  15. Love the "hoppin' John" story. I just learned THIS YEAR that black-eyed peas were New Year's food!


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