Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I've thought long and hard about this day and what words to write to convey just how much I am personally looking forward to the change our America is about to go through, beginning today. While I've not been a big fan of our past president, I am also fully aware that all things wrong with our America do not rest only upon his shoulders. We Americans haven't heeded the ~writing on the wall~ for some time and we're now paying the price. Our country needs something...and what exactly is that... Direction? Leadership? Stewardship? Confidence? Respect?  _________? (Please...fill in the blank.) 
What I do know is that this young man we are swearing in today as our next President of the United States of America is someone of great intelligence who is full of promise and hope for the future of this great nation of ours. And it's just what our country needs. May we revisit this day one year from now and see that our country is on the road to recovery and regaining world respect. There are no great miracles to be had, but with this man leading us and with every single one of we proud Americans doing our part - pitching in - just maybe there can be many small miracles for all of us as we keep traveling down this American road of ours. 
To you, President Obama.
To our United States of America.

expect patriotism!

P. S.  "We expect a lot from him and he expects a lot from us. I hope we make him proud." Perfect words written by my friend Debbie.


  1. "Our country needs something...and what exactly is that... Direction? Leadership? Stewardship? Confidence? Respect? _________?"
    Girl, you are the master of the understatement! I'm not going to fill in the blank because once I start there's no stopping.
    We've taken a huge step to get what we need, to be what we want to be, go where we should go, and America, you are awesome! Happy Inauguration Day, everyone!

  2. A new day a new era ... a wonderfully emotionally HAPPY day ... to our futures!

  3. Leadership!

    Beautiful words, Annie!

  4. I'm not sure there is a one-word answer to fill in that blank. I believe we will weather this recession as we have every other one and hopefully we learn something in the process. I don't really believe that our country's problems ever originate in just one presidential tenure...it is a cumulative effect... or are solved by another. I am more than willing to cheer on any administration that ends the current crisis! We all have to help and seek some wisom here....prayer is the best place to begin for Obama and for our country :-)

  5. You nailed it. Beautifully said. What a day. God bless, friend.

  6. Beautiful!

    Someone I know has made a couple comments on her Facebook page this morning saying things like 'please let this political CRAP be over soon' and 'thank God it's over - now back to our regularly scheduled lives' and it's made me so sad to know that there are those who still feel that way.

    We are so lucky to live in a country where we can vote in a new leader every four years ... a country where the transition of power is done in a peaceful manner.

  7. Amen to that! It's kind of like moving to a new house. You clean out a LOT of crap when you move, as does a new president & administration. Here's wishing them godspeed with the campaign promises & kicking some butts in D.C. It's time to trim the edges, so to speak and I, for one am truly excited about what the future might hold for our country...

  8. You said it beautifully. I have great hope for our future and, on this day, a brand new beginning.

  9. Honesty - Integrity - Leadership
    We need it all & then some.

  10. My fingers and legs are crossed.

  11. Amen. I think a lot of people expect him to fix "what the last President messed up." I don't agree with either of those things. The President is a leader, but the country is no more than its people. I hope the people are realizing that.


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