Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We're at the end of the alphabet for another ABC Wednesday round. That means we're at Z, and in my book, there's no better representation of this letter than the ability of our cat, Trey-you, to saw logs any time and anywhere. He spends the better part of his day zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing away!
Yes, I was reading the paper. 
Trey decided my reading time was over..

We're eating dinner - not a quiet affair - and there's 
Trey peacefully sleeping away through all the ruckus.

By the side door, on top of the empty pizza box
that's soon going out to the trash. 
Hard comfortable!
Maybe it's the left-over smell of the pepperoni
that's lulled him to sleep.

At least sometimes he picks lovely photo-op spots to fall asleep. 
But on a four inch wide rail??
You can't convince me that's comfortable!


I really didn't know what I was doing for Z this week and then I visited my friend, Ann's blog and saw that she'd posted wonderful photos of her cat Bob taking a nap in her dryer.
My Zzzzz had been found! 

expect anything!


  1. What is it with cats always wanting to lay right in the very middle of the newspaper? They surely couldn't be trying to get attention.... No. Not. That.

    Gotta love 'em...

  2. That's funny! Your cat reminds me of my dog. He used to hate anybody reading the paper and getting all bogged down (not paying attention to him), she he's reach with a paw and knock the paper right out of our hands. It was endearing. (Always nice to be needed!)

  3. I always thought if I was an animal that being a cat would be the perfect choice! No one can get quite as comfortable and content as a cat...anywhere. Great shots of Trey! If I try to read in bed, Hopey always pushes the book out of my hands until I have done my duty and scritched her for 5 minutes or so. Cats are always "me,me,me".

  4. I love to capture my cats during their napping mode. These photos are adorable.

  5. Aw ... sweet!

    My greyhounds could take him on any day of the week. Most of the photographs I have of them over the years are flat out asleep in various positions - including upside down. LOL!

  6. Sorry, that last post (J) was me. I was going to add that most greyhounds are the same, and that people have been asked if their dog ever stands up. LOL!

  7. Perfect ZZZZZZ by the critters who do it best!

    Thanks for the link!

  8. Trey looks just like our Lou the Loud! But the dryer? Umm, my sis in law let a cat in the dryer without knowing it once. Not pretty. Bad dryer.

  9. I love it when Rosie sees a piece of paper or cardboard on the floor ... no matter how tiny it is, she will lay down on it and sleep.

    Gus likes to sleep with a hard ceramic tile under his head ... if its hard, sharp or too narrow, he will embrace it as his.

    Lucky for us humans that these two dont fixate on the same things or I am sure there would be blood!

  10. Cats are the same the world over...they sleep in ridiculous ways and seem to enjoy every minute of it. But my cats love to sleep on the dining room table--shhhhh-don't tell anyone. I actually would like to make something special for them to sleep on and serve as my centerpiece.

  11. Oh Great Post! I love it & that last shot is PRICELESS!!! & on the pizza box, yeah, it's gotta be the smell! They're all great shots!!!

  12. Now that's an idea! Just go to sleep whenever and wherever you want!

  13. It's okay kitty, I don't like the NY Times either!

  14. Check out my lazzzzzzzzzy kitties!



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