Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Serenity

A snuggly...I do believe we all need one... 
Whatever that snuggly might be, we all need one...

Our Stella certainly has her snuggly...
It's a stuffed pink bear.
She's fallen in love with pink bear 
and won't give pink bear up. 
She just loves her snuggly PB and 
takes it everywhere with her... 
(Not out of the house - we won't let her)
Maybe we should learn something from this?
At least, go find your snuggly 
and hold it dear!

expect anything!


  1. Stella is adorable and her pink bear is too. That bear wouldn't last two minutes with my dogs, they like to destroy their toys.

  2. Good for Stella for having such a nice snuggly and sticking with it! My "snuggly" is in eating breakfast...guess I should join him :-)

  3. how sweet :) stella is so adorable...

  4. Stella looks good in pink. How long do you think it will last? Maxie has a nasty looking human shaped toy that she has had for most of her life - and she'll be 15 next month.

  5. I always love the Stella Stories. She is the sweetest looking girl...

    We all need our little loves, don't we?

  6. No, Stella's outdoor snuggly is someone's poor, long-lost red bathrobe;)

  7. Stella knows exactly how to live. Cool Stella. Here we call a snuggly a geegee. Wondering about the "g" sound and what it evokes.

  8. Scout, Sable and Deacon would make a quick snack of any snuggly. And I know what you mean about not letting her take it outside. Scout takes everything outside and especially loves to take my husband's socks outside, and I let him because my husband shouldn't be leaving his socks on the living room floor. RIGHT?

  9. Stella looks so sweet with her snuggly! Pink really works for her....
    The Brute Squad just likes blankets! Red Blanket is their favorite!

  10. Sweet!
    Cheers, Klaus

    P.S.: I'm finally back and will be posting a boatload of new stuff! ;)

  11. Stella is a gorgeous dog!!! As for a snuggly, hmmm, I don't know - unless I name my cats or should I say that "I" am my cats snuggly - they sleep & snuggle up to me every night!!! hehehe

  12. Stella is adorable with her snuggly. So cute.


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