Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Busted Bird feeder...
Dear squirrel-proof bird feeder maker, 

It's not. 

Love, Annie


Another one bites the dust, and it's the 4th feeder this season. (Huge heavy sigh.) When I looked at my feeder yesterday morning I couldn't imagine why there were no birds on it - usually every station has a bird friend perched on it eating away. However, I was late as usual running behind schedule and had no time to investigate why this was happening. Got home from work. The bird feeder was not only empty of birds, it was gone! Have I ever told you how I feel about squirrels? I do not like them. Not only did the little buggers tear down the feeder and eat all the sunflower seeds, they also broke the little spring that made this a squirrel-proof bird feeder! 

So now I have a bird-proof bird feeder. I am cussing.  

expect squirrel exasperation!


  1. Oh that so sucks ... I hope you plan on writing to both the manufacturer AND the store that you got it at/in AND include that photo

    Dah Noive!

  2. Ohh... Poor, hungry birds...

  3. Poor little birds!

    And squirrels are naughty. Ask Cassie... She goes nuts because they run back and forth on the fence... taunting her.

  4. I finally quit hanging my birdfeeders because the squirrels would take over no matter what lengths I went to to keep them away. The poor birds couldn't get to them because of the squirrels. Grrrrr!

    I am not at all fond of squirrels & we have a pellet gun to prove it.


  5. Busted bird feeder...good choice for B...same thing kept happening to my early morning I found a racoon pulling it off the tree...

  6. BB guns work wonders till the baby squirrels grow up then a whole new bunch to train... we use TIN to block them. BUT they can and do jump 12 ft easily and they are inventive!

  7. I think you have been visited by those evil squirrels from the original Geico commercial - the ones that wait by the side of the road for the car to approach, then run into the street to make the car swerve, the high-five each other after the car crashes. Well, they are now waiting in your trees and watching you try to find the perfect bird proof feeder, which by the way, doesn't exist.

  8. Uh Oh.... bad squirrels!
    Now the poor little birdies will be seedless...
    Hubby loves his slingshot.. =)

  9. My dad would say, they're pretty fart smellers - which is suppose to be, they're pretty smart fellers!!! hehehe

  10. They're just hungry, those little darling squirrels. We stopped filling our bird feeders but started again yesterday with the ice.
    George hates squirrels.

  11. oh no!!! greedy little buggers! thanks for dropping by my blog. I will be back to visit yours!

  12. Damn! Those little guys are vicious! We once had squirrels gnaw through an outside Rubbermaid heavy plastic storage because dummy me thought it was a good place to store the food. Not!
    Ever try one of those clear baffles that acts as a dome over the feeder. It may work for ya!

  13. Well, I guess the squirrels have to live too, but it would be nice if they left the birds' food alone, wouldn't it?

    Nice original theme for ABC Wednesday though! On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part. :)

  14. Darn. I'm so sorry and can't imagine why I'm laughing. You write well!

  15. You know maybe it is time to adjust your way of thinking...feed the squirrels not the birds. I know, I know. It is a sad day when a large rodent has to become your friend. But maybe you won't be so frustrated. ha ha!


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