Thursday, January 08, 2009

Another Good Day Rolls Around...

Well, at least for all of us who love our GB...

A most Happy Birthday to my hubby and most dear GB...
You're in Chi-town for this birthday - but back when...

Remember that birthday when you discovered 
the ultimate sunbathing location?
What a good birthday that one was! (sigh)

Love love from all of us, be we wife, chillun, cuz's, fambly, friends -
You are the very best! (We took a vote and all are in agreement!)

told you to expect anything!


  1. happy Birthday Mr Annie :) hope you have a wonderful day!!! And many many more!!!

  2. Well, Happy Birthday from here! Tell her if she really loves you, she would buy you a plane ticket to go back to that wonderful beach!

  3. Annie: I also wish your hisband a great birthday and it does look like a neat place.

  4. Happy Birthday GB...

    Wonderful photos, Mrs GB

  5. If he's in Chicago, he should go to Uno's for the best Chicago pizza. There are no others that come close. Ahh...Uno's...I am drooling now.
    Happy birthday with your husband!

  6. ...and a happy birthday from me, too.

  7. Oh Happy Birthday to him! Wow, I want to go there too!


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