Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hail To This Man...

I am so very very proud!
(actually, I'm totally verklempt.)

expect everything!


  1. I pray for the changes he promises but I hold off on singing praises or condemnation until he has had time to prove himself. It always baffles me how ONE person can recieve all the blame or all the credit for what happens in a Nation ... heading back to my corner to watch and see.

  2. Hi there anonymous. Glad you stopped by and I appreciate that you took time to comment!
    I agree with you, all the blame certainly does not rest only on the shoulders of former President Bush. Nor does the cure for what ails this country rest only or the shoulders of President Obama. I hope I made that clear in yesterday's post.
    Every single one of we American citizens are responsible in part for what and where our country is today, and every single one of we American citizens are responsible in part for what our country can become. Obama isn't the ~savior~, but he is a very intelligent man of measured reason who very well could lead us, over time, to healing. We ALL have a lot of work to do.
    Complacency is never a good option, and we Americans have embraced that for far too long.

  3. Again, Annie...well-said. And also to Anonymous because I agree with him/her. BUT, I also have lots and lots of hope for the future, borne out of confidence in our new President. He has EARNED my confidence with what he has done so far. I also think it's important to separate the President from what the media shows us. Just my opinion.

    You are absolutely right on with your post yesterday and today's response to Anonymous, and you said it so beautifully.

    I'm just a tiny bit verklempt, too!

  4. Super post! I also enjoyed browsing your recent ones, too. Thanks for that beautiful flag photos and your personal thoughts and wishes for America and our new president. Your friend Debbie's got it straight!

  5. I pray that he is even half as good as everyone expects and he will surpass all presidents of the past! Let's just get this show on the road and start changing things!

  6. I am so charmed with this woodcut style portrait .. its very retro and cool ..


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