Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Course of True Love...

Sometimes a little rain happens...

But it certainly didn't ~dampen~ their special day!
And here's to years of happiness for the two of them!

5:25 pm yesterday
On the way to see the wedding...
(Miss LaLa called to tell me about it and said I had to go see for my self.)


expect anything!


To my most wonderful dad - a very happy day, not only on this day that honors you, but every day of the year. To my husband, I'm so very thankful you are the father of our kids. And my brother - thank you for my nephew/godson, my Dodgie. And to all the good dad's of the world - enjoy your day of honor!


  1. Mom, I musta missed you -- and the I DO'S -- by ten mins. on my way to hang out with Ella...I saw all the 'brellas heading back inside on my way over...BTW, in case you forgot, you're the TOMBSTONE chronicler, not the wedding one... ;-)

  2. Well isn't Miss FA so smart? ;) Glad you were able to get the shot...they say it's good luck when it rains on your wedding day. I wish it for them;) Happy Father's Day to GB.

  3. You can be a wedding chronicler if you want! I love the happiness in the rain. Hopefully it will bode well for them that they don't run at the slightest inconvenience!

  4. Gawh, kids!

    Annie, you chronicle whatever you please .. and personally much as I like Tombstones I prefer weddings especially ones where everyone has a brolly! It IS true, happy is the bride it rains on ... maybe .. anyway it sure will provide stories for family for eons to come

    And Happy Father's Day to GB!

  5. I can only speak for myself, in that a wedding is a tombstone, so chronicle away!!!

  6. The rain will just add to the memories...for everyone there.

  7. how did we ever get through life before we had children to re-direct us in life? ;) mine does the same thing...

    Happy Father's Day to yours!

  8. It rained on my parents' wedding day and it was truly good luck. What a fun post!

  9. A beautiful day! God bless 'em!

    That's a lovely Father's Day tribute, too.

  10. Beautiful setting for a wedding, and the rain will make it even more memorable!

  11. A lovely place to get married, even in the rain.


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