Saturday, June 27, 2009

Looking Up The Gigantic Hollow Old Tree

Photo courtesy of my brother, taken 6/21/09 down by the creek
below my parent's home in Columbia, MO.
Go here for his MO photostream of this & other '09 MO pics.

Magnificent tree!
Two years older, and still so
Beautifully intact!

What does Dodgie see?
Mysteries known only to him,
And, of course, Old Tree.


expect anything!


P. S. The happiest of birthdays to you, Miss Rosa.
And many more, my dear friend!


P. P. S. See all the light streaming in from that hole in the trunk just above Dodgie's head? If you look at Old Tree from two years ago that's in my header, above, (or here a year ago), you can see that large hole was just a slit two years ago. Ohhh...I know Old Tree will fall sooner than later, and I'm going to miss him so!


  1. That is an amazing tree. Very beautiful. So much magic there.

  2. I'm not sure the old man is gonna fall anytime soon. It has looked like that for over 20 years. The crack is wider, but not by much -- a lot of that is due to the angle the two photos were taken.

    The 2 most amazing observations are thus:

    (1) All that green leafy stuff? That is growing from that tree!!! Yes, it is still quite very much alive and kicking. The roots are strong and deeply embedded in the bank behind.

    (2) The road construction missed the tree by about 30 feet. I'll have to upload a picture.

  3. That is the most amazing child. Seriously.

  4. Ann: I always loved your tree and this shot with your son is so cool.

  5. WHOA!! Coooool! That is one amazing tree... it will be sad to see it go down one day.

  6. I love the tree in your header. Fun post, Annie!

  7. I love a good, interesting tree. Didn't know this was from Missouri!!!

  8. I am ashamed to admit I had not taken in your header picture so much...I will never look at it quite the same way after seeing this one.

  9. Cool! But that Dodgie is braver than me to stand in the water with who-knows-what creatures that are lurking around the roots!

  10. That kid is fabulous ... and the tree is just amazing ..

  11. What a wonderful old tree and so good that you have great photos of it now before it falls. I've always loved your header.

  12. Speaking of what lurks in the water...

    Snapping Turtles lurk in the water!

  13. I love Old Tree and all its secrets!


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