Monday, June 08, 2009

Le Chat says: I ALWAYS DO...

What I want,
Where I want,
When I want!


Tho I love him, I'm not sure he's even a nice cat...
Most of the time, I feel I'm just a provider of his food...
But maybe, just maybe he has a heart and loves us too! 
That's what I'm thinkin'!
And I'm thinkin' I'm right...maybe...


expect anything!

P. S.  Stella-dog adores him (and he adores her), so he really is a very good cat just based on Miss Stella-dog's judgment. It's a love-fest most every day between the two of them. Works for me! 


  1. Well, with that said, this is definitely a good cat. Stella would know otherwise.

  2. cute... hank has a mean streak and i am sure he really loves the food because he is not a real good hunter... we watch him miss alot LOL

  3. Ah ... Gus tolerates me ... and I am sure Stella-dog is right.

  4. That cat isn't mean. He's just being a cat;)

  5. His eating arrangement is a hoot! He loves ya!

  6. :) a cat chooses to love and it's a beautiful thing.

  7. My cat is always yelling at me to set her food free. It's really annoying!

  8. I love that her name is Stella.

  9. I have four husband said he retired just so he could be their doorman.

    Have you seen the Simon's Cat videos? I think I have one on my blog, but better still google "simon's cat"...then click on video, and there should be three different cartoon videos. My daughters and I have watched them numerous times and we almost always laugh till we cry.

  10. Love that photo :-) To my cats, I'm a food provider and lap provider and doorman....when they want it, which is always "now!".


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