Saturday, June 20, 2009

Too Much of a Good Thing...

So, moisture (and LOTS of it) is a good thing?

RAIN, & more & more RAIN!!

Whatever! When that's all you have...
Just make the best of it!

What if I just really want a drought???
Sorry - I know that's not acceptable!


expect anything


  1. No, you do not want a drought..the consequences are far worse. about 4 weeks ago, we had rain, rain, and more rain. Our lakes that were once well below full pool (a term all Georgians grew to understand while in our 3 years of drought) are now almost back to normal.
    Let's jut hope that you do not have the horrific heat that has sat its' fat butt over the South. 96 today. We'll be in the pool for 3 minutes and then head for shade!

    Hang in there...dryer times are comin'!

  2. It was BEAUTIFUL yesterday ... today its supposed to rain again but another drier day Sunday for Dad's Day

  3. Beautiful photo, Annie~

    We got back late last night. I can't believe all the rain and a tree had fallen in our driveway. We had to walk the 1/3 mile to the house. Damnit!!

    And so sorry to hear of your colleague's tragedy. So sad.

  4. I know - it would be nice to have a happy medium, wouldn't it?

  5. I would tell you to travel to New Mexico for dryer air, but it's raining here, too! (Probably not as much as there, but it's been quite humid (for us) today.) Lovely photo, and the wetness DOES make for a nice picture!

  6. Don't wish for might get it. Lovely photo thanks to the rain.

  7. We have had the rain here also...had a clear day yesterday and I think today is going to remain that way.

    Beautiful picture today....

  8. We've gotten some much needed rain the past couple of days, today with some thunder! There has to be a happy medium somewhere!

  9. We're having so much rain over here and it's not expected to stop until the 29th. Ehhh.


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