Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unbelievably Uppity!

It has been brought to my attention that anytime I take a photo with my trusty little Pentax (w/no view finder, you always look at the screen), my pinky is always sticking up. Sometimes the next two closest fingers join pinky. This has ruined more than one shot, as by the time I crop the photo, the composition is pretty much a goner. Above was taken at the community garden - three fingers uppity!

On this particular day, GB (hubby) and I were ~bonding~ over the unbelievably effective lint cleaning gizmo my dad sent me. (You put it on the end of your electric drill and "spin" it up and down the lint vent pipe thingy - canNOT think of it's name.) I was so embarrassed by the mound of lint that thing remove, I cropped almost all of it out. Let's just say we're lucky our house didn't burn down... Three fingers uppity again!
Just one little uppity finger this time. Guess the other two got tired out. (Another lint shot.)
Even when shooting the turtle's nest, there go those fingers up in the air! This one's about a one and a half uppity. And now, read on for the second part of this post.


Unknown, least to me:

I need some help. This bird (sorry for the bad quality - shooting through kitchen windows does that) was attacking my kitchen window and when he/she finally stopped to take a breather, I found I was looking at a bird I couldn't identify. Any idea anyone? I'd love to know.
Here's another angle. I never saw him/her again after that day. I was hoping there was a nest being built in the tree by the window, but no such luck.

I saw this lovely flowering plant in Riverside Park the day Lauren and I went in to see Daryl and Kate. None of the four of us had a clue what it was, but it was growing everywhere and, as you can see, quite beautiful. What about this, any idea what it is?
Here it is again from a different light and angle. That Riverside Park was one of the most lovely, peaceful parks I've seen. Well, except for the crazed in-line skaters coming down the steep (paved) pathway - I thought for sure one of us was going to get run over!

There you have it and as Kate writes each day
Until tomorrow, my friends...
(I'm borrowing that just for today because of the letter it begins with.)


expect anything!


  1. Ann: I love your fine finger positions on the camera, quite dainty.
    I don't know what that bird is.

  2. Remember Grandma Mae always had her pinky out when drinking coffee. Must be genetic.

  3. The flowers look like something in the hellebore family - one is called a Christmas Rose.

    Your shadow pictures look like those kokopelli fertility idols.

    So glad you cleaned the lint. A house near me burned out a few years ago and two people were killed from a lint fire - people forget to keep it clean.

  4. Love the 3 finger-uppity theme. Very original and fun to read and look at.

  5. Auntie Care must be right about our genetics...without fail, my pinky (and at times et. la) is /are always up when drinking tea -- and if I had to wager, I'd say the same goes for a camera...

    Oh's another thought...She-a-ee-a...she's a pinky lifter too...damn, will the nature-nuture arguement have no end?!?



    P.S. as your daughter, I cannot be judged for my terrible lack of spelling'll be making fun of the TTC if yo do, dear readers... ;-)

  6. sorry mom, shoulda logged outta you before posting the above comment...that's what I get for using your comp, huh?!? In anycae, make sure you log back to you before you post

  7. Not an uppity finger........a balancing finger!

  8. Dear Miss Uppity,
    Does this mean you have snooty britches now?
    Sorry I can't identify the bird. And the bird identifier around here is out with the car. Have a great day!

  9. Enjoyed your uppity post! Your shadow photos are creatively clever!

    ::note to self:: clean dryer vent!

  10. I can't identify the bird, but I'm pretty sure the plant is a hellebore!

    Actually, you know, those shots of you and your pinky are quite nice just as pictures of shadows! I like the first one best! :)

  11. The dryer vent is a never ending challenge. Fly Boy cleans ours two to three times a year.....

    Cannot help with the bird or the plant. I just plant them and rarely remember the names after a day or two.

  12. Pretty bird. I wish I knew. Looks almost like a cross between a mockingbird and a dove, which sounds strange.

  13. love the pinky fingers... lol scuse me UPPITY fingers dont know the bird or flowers but like them!

  14. love the pinky fingers... lol scuse me UPPITY fingers dont know the bird or flowers but like them!

  15. Those little fingers are cute;) Can I borrow that lint thingy? And I bet winetipper knows that bird....

  16. Not a bird I get in my garden and I get quite a few. Uppity pinkies just has to be the most unique U this week.

  17. You're thinking about this the wrong way round: Having your pinky in the air while taking a photo (or while drinking tea or coffee) means you're unbelievably classy!

  18. I love how your pinky curls up when you are Pentax'ing ... its very classy, just like you!

    Next time you'all come to visit we need to take on Central Park ...

  19. You've got Pentax Pinkie!
    Don't know on the bird or the plant. I'm having my own plant issues on my blog!

  20. I love the little fngers sticking up as it is a sign of a fine lady with a lot of class.

    No clue on the bird or the flowers.

  21. When birds are mating and nesting the female will often attack its image in windows. So its a female something or other.

    I had a robin attack the windows across my deck. She started on the far right and I covered it up with newspaper so she couldn't see the 'other bird that was challenging her'. She then moved across until every single window (all five) were covered in newspaper. She battered herself bloody until I came up with the newspaper trick. Poor thing. It was dark in here for a while I tell you!

  22. I believe you had a Goldfinch visiting... They are plentiful here in the Lone Star State.

    My crazy little finger has that same affectation... My advice: Quit It!


  23. You'd make a fine tea drinker! I don't recognize birds or plants, but lint I know. Several years ago, ravens broke out a house window - quite frightening (thanks Mr. Hitchcock). Neat photos!

  24. Okay that was funny miss fingers.

  25. Your upitty fingers are hilarious! I'm glad things are growing in your garden patch!

  26. It is not a bird I know, but in my Peterson guide it looks like the Great-Crested Flycatcher. Look at some photos and see what you think. I like your "pinky in the air" style :-) It shows we middle-westerners have some class! LOL!

  27. I was so hoping someone had the name of the flowers...I feel like I should know but can't for the life of me think what they are.

    As for the pinky, I do that when I give Lorelei a bottle a lot of the time and she reaches up and grabs it and plays with it.

  28. I think it is a Great-crested Flycatcher which is a great bird to capture! The pinky shots cracked me up...Thanks for the funny post!


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