Monday, June 29, 2009

Done In...

Mom calls this :
~Pie in the Sky~
They're too far up to get a basket-full...
Photo taken by MumBum this spring'09 in MO

~Pie in the Basket~
Sour cherries for Dad's and my Birthday ~cakes~
photo courtesy of MumBum, taken last spring '08 in MO

Saturday morning at 11:30, my internet connection and phone stopped working. Should have known something was up as the internet was getting slower and slower, but nope, I didn't figure it out until all was kaput. Didn't have time to call lovely Cablevision until yesterday morning. After an interminable amount of time punching keys and doing what I was told to do by that awful robotic voice, it was determined that a human being would have to come to our home to fix the problem. And that human couldn't come until between 3pm and 5pm Tuesday. I am not happy.
So, if I'm not around for another day or two, that's why.
Glad we cleared that up!
(The photos are ones mom emailed me at work - glad I saved them!)


expect irritating events at times!


  1. Oh, but I will have a pie. Thanks.

  2. GAH! I hate being at the mercy of robotic voices and humans who cannot come IMMEDIATELY!

  3. Pie in the sky--I like that.

    I'm sorry about your technical troubles.

  4. Yum. Did you lose connectivity because of the storms?

  5. I could use a piece of that pie about now. Does Mom take orders for shipping?

  6. I am so wanting some pie now! OMG. So sorry to hear about the frustrating fiasco. Sending good thoughts and sun your way.

  7. we have directv...i love it...i want pie...cherry pie...OMG!!!

  8. gorgeous cherries!!! sorry about the internet worries

  9. when i was a kid i loved climbing trees and my aunts had two big cherrie trees and they woudl have me climb up and pick cherries for cobbler :) i loved those times... they were in their 70's and 80;s and sure could cook!

  10. I just came by to say hello.

    Hello and I'm glad (from FB) to hear you're back up and running :)

  11. I will tell you my DirecTV story some day. I didn't call for months and put up with shoddy reception and my husband always going out to the dish to move things around after a completely rude manager told me that nobody would be coming out to our house and that the problem could be solved over the phone. I'd already been on the phone for an hour and a half. I hung up and cried. I should have written to their offices. So I have plenty of sympathy for you.

  12. Those look so good and bring back such memories! We had 3 cherry trees when I was a child and all during the cherry season, we kids had to take turns sitting in the orchard with a gun to keep the birds out of the trees. It was a pretty cushy job....I usually laid in the hammock and read library books and didn't pay attention to the birds like I should. I would probably let the birds have them, because I would feel too guilty to shoot even a starling.


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