Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Rain-water sheeting off our sun-room
(ha!, make that our cloud-room) window yesterday afternoon.

The never-ending water-works continues.
I understand we were in a water deficit earlier this year.
We are no longer in a deficit.

Our lawn is cut and the next day, there's so much growth
it looks like it needs cutting again.
And one of my tomato plants drowned. DROWNED!

I can't remember a greener, prettier CT spring.

O joy, our weatherman just announced
"a flood advisory for our area".


expect anything!

ABC Wednesday - a W!
Do join us!


  1. Annie, welcome to Oregon....oh I mean I hope things dry out a bit soon. enjoy the green though.

  2. We are in the same weather pattern....and I'm sooo over it!

    But you are right about it being lush and green out there!

  3. we in mumbai are praying for rain...

    Thank you for participating in ABC Wednesday!

  4. Everything's lush and green here too. Our grass is on a two-week mowing cycle and it's really high but they've come today (thank God). There's 20 acres of it.
    Those movies are really cool.

  5. I'm happy you can look on the bright--I mean the GREEN--side!

  6. Wow! I think you all have had enough now, so you can just send it all down to us, okay? We're still in a drought, but then we always are.

  7. Just as I was reveling in the knowledge that it did not rain yesterday I turned on the news and the weather report was on ... ''downpour in the CT'' (they even named your street!)... I said 'oh shit, Annie's community garden is mud'

    And then I thought about all the mosquito and black flies in Virginia...

  8. We were in that never ending water we're in double digit weather...

  9. Oh yes...we also have lots of water...I think I am living in the tropics....heat advisory and flooding...
    Steamy stuff.
    Do drink lots of water and stay cool.

  10. that was our herb garden drowned and i haven't had the heart to replant it.

    hope your month gets better.

  11. I'm drenched with you! I tried to bring the sun with me but I must have left it behind! Brrr! I am so cold! Your video looks like a sequence of Monet's paintings!

  12. While we haven't had quite that much rain, we still have the flood advisory x 4 days now. Hang in there...the sun will hopefully come out sometime before hurricane season starts getting active.

  13. Annie: It certainly is a funny season this year.

  14. They say (who's they?) that we are having the worst drought in 20 years.

    Living on the dry prairies it is hard to know the difference really. For me anyway. I wasn't born here and with only 20 years experience of the place......

  15. So, the rain it raineth every day, huh? I know how you feel, although right now in rainy England, we're having really nice weather!


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