Thursday, May 01, 2008

My Dad Now.....and Then

My bro and fam were in Missouri
and he took this wonderful pic of our dad.
A more gentle man there's never been.
He's just lovely in every way.
And quite good lookin' at 85!
Shoulda saved this till Father's Day,
but what the heck,
nothing like celebrating the present!

A good lookin' gent now....and
a good looking gent then...
(Yep, he was a Navy man!)

Dad loves gardening and flowers,
so in celebration of him and May Day.....




  1. And I second every single thing Annie says about her daddy. A great man, indeed!

  2. He's a handsome man and you are fortunate to still have him with you. What ship did he serve on?

  3. I am fortunate to know this man...he and your mom are well suited for each other~ oxox~

  4. Where does the time go? Yep, he's a good looking guy - then and now.

  5. Mary - I have no idea what ship he served on, or if he even did! I know he was in the Naval Air Force, then went to med school and ended up in the Army as a Dr. in a MASH unit in Korea. He had a very interesting career in the armed forces!

  6. This is absolutely a treasure, Tsannie! What a nice tribute. He's still very handsome. My Mom is 86 now. I pick her up every Thursday and she stays here until Sunday.

  7. The picture of your dad before and now illustrate a warm and caring person. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Annie,

    What a wonderful photo, and YES he is handsome now, but MY LORD what a heartbreak he must have been as a young Navy guy!

    Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. You totally made my day, and you are always welcome at Foolery.

    -- Laurie

  9. OMG, that navy picture...what an absolute doll he was and still is. You are a great daughter.

  10. Wow, this was so beautiful. A very touching tribute!

  11. What a wonderful tribute to you Dad... I'm sure you make him very proud.
    This post touched me... and I thank you for that.


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