Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good Mama

Good Mama
It's a cold rainy morning on the Saugatuck
Mama gathers her babies under her wings
For Mama's warmth and safety

Good Papa, too
Standing guard over his family
On a rainy, cold Saugatuck river
Mama and Papa...protecting their babies

(one day later...)
Good Morning Sunshine!
Weather on the Saugatuck, one day later, is wonderful!
(Mama & Papa still have four babies - look on the left -
baby four is walking behind Mama)


  1. Annie--there is a gosling under her wing? I didn't know they could carry them. They're probably on their way to the golf course. To leave some presents.

  2. I LOVE geese on the Mental Mama's point - they're GROSS on the golf course and even worse in the back yard. Go Stella-dog! She's great at keeping them in our pond.

    I should have said walking under her wing - pretty sure mama goose can't carry baby.

  3. Beautiful pictures of mama and babes. I always like what you write with your pictures!

  4. I love seeing them and these photos are beautiful, as well as your story!

    They fortunately fly OVER my yard to distribute gifts elsewhere! My little birds however, find it so natural just to eat and poop right on my deck! :)

  5. That because we "carry" our babies...natural Mama boo boo.

  6. Geese belong in the water .. when they get onto golf courses or backyards .. they are messy critters.

    Where my parents lived in FL they ducks/geese would swim in the canals and if they werent gobbled up by gators they managed to glop up the grounds. In NJ theres a lake that is surrounded by Pinwheels .. LARGE pinwheels which are supposed to scare off the Geese .. the dont .. and its not pretty ...

    OTOH .. those geese in your photos are pretty ...


  7. cool pics... lovely sentiment... and glad they don't live near me LOL... got herds of GOLDFINCHES though :D
    HUgs ME

  8. They're cute as can be. They sure do make a mess in the lakes around here though.

    I love the fuzzy babies!

  9. Wonderful photos. so sweet.Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, they're so sweet! I love seeing the babies.


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