Friday, May 30, 2008

After the Storm

Sky Watch Friday
SWF - The Child of Old Wom Tigley - a most brilliant fellow!

Last week we had a terrific storm here in Connecticut. It's aftermath were many incredible After the Storm skies. Little did I know that as my friend and neighbor, Mental Mama was taking this photo of the sky out her front door for last week's Sky Watch Friday (which she took while pointing directly toward my house), I was taking the above photo of the same sky out my back door!
Isn't it grand??
Two views of the very same sky!
(MPM's home is one street over and to the far far
left of where I aimed the camera for this photo.)

I took this the same day. This shot is pointed directly at MPM's home,
which you could see if the trees were gone.

Glad I'm not able see her home. I'd miss my trees!

Looking straight up into heaven from my back yard.
Yesterday's blue, blue sky. Hmm...
I do believe this particular ~sky blue~ is my very favorite color.

Well, there's also green...and red....and orange...and....o nevermind!
(All 3 photos were taken by me.)



  1. wow...romantic view ^_^. I like the 1st shot

    My post in here Thanks

  2. The first one.... WHAT i place... think livint there.... with all the beautiful nature around...

    dreaming Anne in Norway...

  3. Awesome, I love it when that happens.

  4. WOW! No. 1 is really a WOOOOOW moment!

  5. Wow, the photography is exceptional no matter who took it.

  6. That is serendipitous! In your part of the Nutmeg State, such beauty abounds. I think we drink it in with our cameras!

    These are gorgeous.

    (I love your banner photo, by the way.)

  7. Beautiful photos - I love the first but also the sky blue!

  8. Those are beautiful! That was quite the stormy sky as I recall...

  9. This has got to be a first! Karma Tom brings us all together...I love it!

    Is that YOUR house or MP's? I got lost!

    Whatever...these are gorgeous photos!

  10. The firts photo is like a painting.
    It's wonderful.

  11. Beautiful pics...all of them! And what lovely views you have in all directions! It's a good thing that Tom Wigley started all this sky watch stuff...we all seem to love photographing skies! That blue is truly a beautiful color.

  12. So, so beautiful...Is that your house? What a lovely place it is.

  13. That's gorgeous. Seems to me a good place to be. Cheers, Klaus

  14. Like a painting .. which is a very high compliment ..


  15. You photography is simply amazing and you also have a keen eye.

    Thanks for the eye candy.

  16. you live in such a BEAUTIFUL place... I am so glad you share pictures of it!
    Just serene!
    Hugs Laura

  17. Well... that was a story I didn't think I'd ever tell, but I had a lot of fun with it.
    I laughed so hard at your second comment today! Thanks for making my day for me!

    Love your pictures here! You have a real skill for capturing beauty!

  18. Yes, so pretty. The shots are nice no matter who took it!
    Rocky Mountain Retreat

  19. Tsannie: Hmmmm, quite beautiful for todays SWF.

  20. Great shots. That sky really sets the stage! :)

  21. That reflection is just exquisite..a perfect picture for Sky Watch..

  22. A great post! Beautiful pictures. I love the house on the water. What a view. The storm was strong here, too. My cats hid for hours because of the all the thunder and lightning.

  23. Pretty photos...been on that deck many of times!

  24. You have a very beautiful place there.

  25. Lovely sky in the water also! It looks beautiful there!

  26. Serendipitious! This is a gorgeous photo, Annie! I am so impressed with this one. Stunning.


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