Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Dreaded ~Wet~ Earthworm

The following conversation took place yesterday:

Me, after phoning my friend, Lauren: "Morning, Miss LaLa, I've already commented on your demented family..."

Lauren: (laughing) "Yeah, I read it and I'm getting ready to reply right back about your naughty comment!"

Next I hear a door opening and then closing. Suddenly I hear her making a LOT of dry-heave sounding noises......

Lauren: "I gotta call you back, I'm gonna to throw up NOW!"

5 minutes later, phone rings, it's Lauren.

Lauren: "I'm back."

Me: "Good. What the hell happened??"

Lauren: "Well, I picked up the newspaper and there were wet earthworms underneath it."

Me: "So???"

Lauren: "I get nauseous and then have to throw up whenever I see wet earthworms."

Me: "________________" (speechless because I'm laughing so hard)

Lauren: "That's NOT funny!"

Me: "Ummm....(still laughing)...yes it is!"

Lauren: "And I suppose you're going to tell everyone about this?!?!?"

Me: "Yep!"

Miss LaLa: "$%&#&^$^($(@$*#!!!!!!!"

You just can't make this stuff up!




  1. Of course, DRY earthworms would have just been WRONG.

    We love you mental.

    P.S. If it had been spiders, I'd be in the hospital on meds right now.

  2. Ha Ha Ha. Y'all can laugh all you want at my expense. But, I just weighed myself, and I have lost 4 pounds in two days. That's right, 4 pounds. Ha Ha Ha.

  3. Too funny, your really should have given us a link to "mental's" site so we could give her a hard time there.. (grin)

  4. O- Never mind, I see mental commented here, giving us a link to that site herself.. (HEHEHE)

  5. I know some cardinals and robins who would love to have her wet worms....yum, yum.

  6. How funny! I have plenty of extra wet, creepy, crawly earthworms. I just found Mental's blog, too. ;-)

    Thanks for the link! Hope you enjoy the Daffodils!

  7. Check out this cartoon :-)
    The minute I read it, I thought of this post, even though these are dry.


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