Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday's TRUCE!!!

Against my better judgment, and because I know the ultimate victory is, well, MINE, I've decided to be a big girl and call a truce to the FWW of yesterday....however misplaced that judgment may be......

As you can see, it was jules, (pictured above) who brokered this truce between we warring Cocktail Corner gold finch devotees. Don't be fooled by jules' sneaky eyes-behind-the-dark-glasses-look, she's honest and will be fair in her judgement of this FWW. (Of course, this could be because she had no goldfinches at her feeder, and then I paid her off with copious bottles of Chardonnay at the ready.) I'm just sayin' (ummm....who said that first???).

Here we are....
The Cocktail Corner Girls...
At peace once again among ourselves....

And doesn't this just say it all about our friendship??
Thank you, thank you, jules!

Well would ya lookie here....I've still got the goods!
(Shhhh.....don't tell!!!!)

In other neighborhood news.....
There seems to be fluffing and puffing in the pillaged robin's nest!
I do hope that means that mama & papa robin are going to try again.
I've taken two then and now pictures of the sky above the nest.
They now have a much better chance of protecting their eggs from
those maurading birds,
(who will remain nameless...damn crows)!
(I'll share those pics tomorrow.)
Here's hoping for robins-egg blue miracles!
(and many gold finches at MY feeder - REMEMBER - don't tell Mental!)




  1. I wish those robins would just get busy already.

  2. This was a fun post! It would be fantastic if the robins start again.

  3. Come on Robins, you've got keep up with the Jones's! or Jays or whatever. THis is for the birds, literally.

  4. Are you smoking a carrot in that photo? If so...that is COOL!

  5. If only all wars ended so peacfully :-) Should we ship some Chardonnay to Iraq??? Or maybe just some Goldfinches.

  6. Chardonnay to THAT's a good idea! Or just have women (other than Condi)negotiate. It certainly worked for MMP and I. Maybe we'll just send jules! With chardonnay, of course!

  7. Unfortunately, Greta, that's not me, that's jules. And MPM is on the other side. Again, unfortunately, that leaves me in the middle....(sigh)

  8. This is so funny - except the part about the robins' nest.

  9. I hope there are more miracles for the robins!
    Maybe a little chardonnay to jump start the romance?

  10. Truces are wonderful, especially with alcohol invovled! lol Enjoyed the pictures.

  11. A great and fun post!

  12. You guys are having just too much fun!! That's a good thing!

  13. Seriously I am laughing so hard at all of this, you silly girls.


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