Friday, May 09, 2008

Sky Watch Friday

Connecticut Spring Sky
For those of you following my robin's nest devastation, above is a picture of the tulip poplar tree and sky, directly above the nest. I snapped it the day I found the nest empty. It's fairly obvious that a crow flying over could look down and easily spot the brilliant blue of the four eggs. And then have himself a tasty lunch. My theory: When mama robin first laid her eggs, the tree was in full bloom so the nest wasn't visible. As the tree lost it's petals, the nest became more and more visible....and vulnerable.


If only mama robin had waited just a week or two....(above taken 5/5/8)


  1. The photos when enlarged are fantastic!

  2. That damn circle of life. Let's hope for reincarnation and hope those babies come back as cats to eat that crow.

  3. Beautiful working mom of life.

    I see it often here also - deer killed by coyote or ??, rabbits..I KNOW the predator-prey thing is natural and I'm not a vegetarian is just hard to witness.

  4. It's tough, but thanks for sharing.
    Nice photo.

    Come visit,
    Sky Watch

  5. Oh what a wonderful canopy of protection it would have made for momma and her eggs! Beautiful photo!

  6. Lovely skywatch shot....all I've had is gloom for days so I didn't bother. Isn't it great to look up through tree branches at the sky? I'm sure your robins will try again. Fingers crossed.

  7. Nice shots. :)
    Poor, poor Robin....


  8. Welcome to Sky Watch... I tried commenting last night but had PC it's own ides.
    I love trees, all trees so you can not lose with a tree and Sky picture.. I like the way you took this.
    The Robin story is very sad.. but these things do happen and it is a part of the circle of life ( Pinched that from Lion King ;o) )


  9. Your header picture is awesome. Thanks for dropping by my blogs yesterday. Really appreciated it.
    You really should try fly fishing, if only once... you can get a lot of starter packages at fishing department stores that work fantastic without committing yourself to the hobby until you know for sure and then you can upgrade from there as the hobby can get expensive.

    I am glad you enjoyed the Fun Facts And Tips. There is so many useful tips that we learn and it's a shame we just do not share it with others out there!!

    You have a wonderful blog as well, you obviously have a talent for photography and you love the outdoors, I'll add you to Rocky Mountain Retreat.
    Take care!

  10. LMTO (laugh my tush off)! Its a small small blogging world... I am glad we found one another .. LaLa, a perfect name I am thinking, is such a joy tho I am only getting to know her .. any friend of her's is by extension someone I want to get to know better too!

    I'll be back even on nonSkyWatch days...


  11. Oh, my gosh! This looks like lace in the top photo. Very pretty!


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