Monday, May 12, 2008

A Most Excellent Field Trip

Miss LaLa (aka Mental Mama) called me Friday night to tell me she was off to the wholesale flower shop Saturday to get the flowers for her church and she wanted to know if I would like to tag along. Huh??? Are you kidding me??? OF COURSE I wanted to tag along! I've only been to a flower wholesaler once in my life and then I nearly fainted from beauty overload.

Thankfully, this time I remembered my camera. These are just a few shots of the flower glory that was there. The shop itself is quite utilitarian and barren...well, except for all the flowers and the 3 cats that reside there. Actually, when I opened the door to the cooler, I just happened to glance down to see one of the cats looking back at me. His eye language was clearly telling me that he was irritated with me as he had been waiting way too long to get out of the cooler and he also wanted to know just where the hell had I been all this time. I didn't answer him.

Lilacs, my favorite flower (hmm, except for violets and lily of the valley....oh yes, and stock and snow whites and wisteria and....oh never mind!) were there in abundance, in white and every shade of purple, from very light to my very favorite, the dark purple you see above.

Do you know what flower this is?

Or this?

Above is the "untamed beauty" LaLa & her church friend started with...

First, the flowers needed to be tempered so they'd last longer...

Miss LaLa working her floral-arranging magic
Notice the brilliance of her stem placement...

Red ginger shoots in honor of the Pentacost...above, an up-close of the finished arrangement. We ended up adding more ginger shoots - only five simply wasn't enough to make a grand statement for such a grand old church, and the additions certainly put the arrangements over the top!

Lovely, aren't they?

I'll post the rest of the pictures on Flickr
(as soon as I figure that whole thing out!)

Yes, a most excellent field trip!
HEY LALA, what are we doing next weekend?????




  1. Um, couldn't you photoshop me out? Do I need to up my cardio or what? Anyway, thanks for all your hard work Miss Ann, and I'll think of something for next weekend. This field-trip-for-mental-mamas is getting fun! How's your pond this morning? Got ducks? I do.

  2. Gorgeous...I can even smell the flowers.

    The church arrangements are beautiful!

  3. Oh my, what an abundance of beauty! I love all those and every flower you mentioned! The pink looked like of my favorites for how long they last and how they smell. The top picture looked a lot like my daughters wedding bouquet..just needed a few greenish hydrangea :-)What a beautiful church! Was the cat actually in the cooler??? Poor kitty. You guys have an awful lot of fun.....what a super group you are!

  4. At first I wanted to say that the pink flowers were peonies, but then the green ones threw me. I love the ginger shoots. Anything that looks exotic has my vote.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! I can almost smell flowers in the air now.

  6. Ok, I can totally smell those from here. Lucious!

  7. Just gorgeous flowers. Beautiful arrangements.

  8. I love flowers .. the first was a carnation.. the second is right on the tip of my tongue .. Mimosa? Grrrr..

    I took a macro of some anemones this weekend .. they are my favs along with freesia ... and parrot tulips ...

    Love the post ..

    You give good fleur! I am so glad you found me so I could find you.

    :-Sjogren's syndrome

  9. WOW, those arrangements (and photos) are SO BEAUTIFUL! What a difference!

  10. I went to the Los Anegeles flower wholesale market one time and bought so many flowers they didn't fit in my car. I am NOT even kidding. I went bezerk, everything was so beautiful!

    Looks like you guys had a great time too!

  11. Well, that was fun...and the end result was beautiful! What a lovely church.

  12. MP, you look great! What are you talking about? This makes me want to live closer to you two. I want to go on a field trip with you too!

    Carnation and lettuce? Just a guess and I'm not good at this.


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