Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Finch War Wednesday!

MentalP has a goldfinch sock in her yard and usually at least 4 a million goldfinches on it. Though I've been feeding the birds at my little corner of cocktail corner for years I'd never had a goldfinch. I covet goldfinches. And I am not ashamed to tell you that I was jealous....seeing red jealous of her dang goldfinches! Sooooo, without telling her how I really felt about her burgeoning goldfinch population, I got her to go with me to The Wild Bird Center because I wanted to be positively certain I had all it takes to get those goldfinches to come to me! spades. Yep, it worked better than excellently!
Got my goldfinch equipment up and running on April 16th.....

Hello April 17th! Ahh there you are my little friend! Glad you're here!
Go on, fly back to Mental's yard and tell all your friends the vittles
are much better over here in TSannie's yard. And he did just that for me!

April 20th and we're picking up steam! More and more are showing up - and they're beginning to not only eat the niger seed, but the sunflower seeds as well! Mental called me and said she'd been trying all week day to get a photo of more than one goldfinch on her sock, but she couldn't. So very sad....
April 22nd - Goldfinches - at least mine - are PIGS!
The little buggers have almost eaten a full sock of seed! In two days!
(Mental must have been starving them! Hmph!)

April 27th - My beautiful goldfinches!
There are 9, count 'em 9 on my sock! Yipee!!!
Seconds before this photo was taken, there were 68 goldfinches
on that sock, but, unfortunately, I scared all but those 9 away
as I was trying to take a photo of them.
(And don't tell anyone, but I think there might be an imposter
among those 9. Did anyone say purple finch?? SHHH!")

"Hey!! Wait a minute! There's nuthin' left for me!"
"BAH - I'm headin' over to jules' house -
heard she just got a sock and it's FULL of niger!"
Poor poor Mental!
The war has been won this me!!!




  1. Um Annie, I've changed my mind about getting together later today. I'm too busy to entertain. Sorry.

  2. Aw... the causualties from the finch war begin to mount....

  3. Congratulations on winning the goldfinch war. I'm still laughing!

  4. Um, I'm sorry Mary, but I can see no clear winner here.

  5. Let the wars begin! Beautiful pics.

  6. I'm laughing so hard!! I've come over frpm MNP blog... I'd like to see a response to her last photo gesture, ma'am... :-)

  7. Um, I think thems fightin' words. You had better bring the good stuff to cocktail hour tonite.

  8. That's so funny - I have a wild bird store, and we always get a big kick when people come in and say their neighbors have more birds than they do...they have all these unofficial contests going on! lol Well, it helps me pay the rent!

  9. Oops....sorry Mental P Mama! I'd better keep my mouth shut and duck.

  10. My only concern is "Are you taking care of my winter Goldfinches?"

    The reason yours are so fat is from eating GALLONS of niger here in Texas during the winter.


    for a look.

    They look like you are taking good care of them and tell them I am expecting them back this winter, and there is plenty of food and love here.

    Troy and Martha
    in Ft. Worth, TX

  11. doggoneit! It ate my comment. Let's try again.

    You guys are cracking me up with the goldfinch wars!! Who knew??

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