Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Beautiful Basket of Bloomage!

Along with a Shameless Plug for this Lovely Gift
As some of you may recall, our family recently lost our Mimi. In tribute to her, an auntie and the cousins on my side of the family sent the basket you see in the first photo. When it arrived on April 8th, the basket top was closed. GB, (hubby) who opened the mail box it came in, lost both the gift card and directions, (what a shock - one more strike and he would have been OUT!), so I had no clue if I needed to remove the moss or keep it on top. Thankfully I left the lid open while searching for the directions because when I finally found them (after a few days) they said to remove the moss immediately after opening the basket! Of course!April 15 @ 7:00am
As you can see, no harm done, tho, so GB will live another day or two. As the days went on and new sprouts continued to poke their heads through, I became curiouser and curiouser and finally had to find out where this slowly-becoming-beautiful basket of flowers came from. It's Proflowers! And while this exact basket isn't available, (must be seasonal?) there are other wonderful ones that are. Cut flowers are just about the same price and they last maybe a week. The next two pictures were taken yesterday. That's nearly a month's worth of beauty in it's various stages - and it isn't over yet!

May 5 @ 7:00 am
May 5 @ 5:00pm

Isn't that just the most beautiful basket of bloomage ever?



  1. And yes, all you English majors, I know curiouser isn't really a word. I just love the sound of it - and the book it came from!

  2. Indeed it is beautiful - what a thoughtful gift.

  3. I think the basket Co. needs to put an ad on your blog...how much beauty can one basket have;)

  4. Those are gorgeous! Lucky you!


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