Monday, May 26, 2008

A Memorial Day Thank You...

A perfectly manicured lawn
Surrounds a sea of bright white crosses
Standing stoically, silently
In the early morning mist
And as the sultry sun rises
Flowers of freedom bloom
Adorning each grave
A mesmerizing moment of stars and stripes waving
Standing proudly as bustling blowing breezes bellow
Swearing an allegiance to a land that is free
A bugler in the far distance
Plays out Taps
As the sweet and eerie sound
Echoes a song of sacrifice
To God and country
From the countless men and women
Who silently safeguarded the red, white and blue…


P. S. Happy birthday to our baby, Brynn Lee. Our Memorial Day baby...
Love love love you! Kisses & hugs always!
Poem written by Steven T. Wellman


  1. Have a wonderful holiday.
    The flag picture is beautiful.

  2. {{{{{Brynn}}}}}
    Happy Day, Mama Annie!

  3. Have a great holiday along with a very special birthday party!

  4. Wonderful writing! Great post and Happy Birthday to Brynn!

  5. Hey new friend! Thanks for visiting me and speaking of tributes....your two days are wonderful! The old cemetery plots are sad but tell our story well and the flags blowing? Perfect.

    I like your blog so I'll be back and oh...the picture WAS for a future SkyWatch LOL! I needed one for this challenge :)

    Happy Birthday Brynn!

  6. Amen. Wish I lived closer. I'd buy that wine that Noble Pig has on her site today and drive over.


  7. Beautiful tribute, this photo is exquisite.. happy bday to Brynn from Wyoming as well (wink)


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