Wednesday, June 11, 2008

U is for...

UndercoverDo animals see in full color as we do,
or predominately in black and white?
Whatever, Mama Mallard's nest is well UNDERCOVER!


Ahem, Mother Nature....
High temperature on June 10th is...101?????


All I can say is UGH!!!



P. S. Happy happy birthday to my most wonderful dad. 85 years today...and doesn't look or act a day over 60! Love love love you! You are the very best!

P. P. S. Happy happy birthday to my dear cousin Heather! You share a birthdate with another wonderful human being and I love love love you both!!


  1. Great post for U-day. We have had UNABATING rain! When oh when will spring come and stay??? :(

    Come on over to see where I take you this week. :D

  2. Happy B-day to your family! Sorry about the heat!

  3. Uncanny! Happy Birthday to Daddy B and Miss H!

  4. Perfect camouflage!! Good spotting.

    You're so right about the heat. It's been hotter here this week than in the deep south. Last night's storm was wicked, too.

    Happy birthday to your family!

  5. Great "U" - And a ton of B'Days! Best wishes! Cheers, Klaus

  6. What a perfect picture! I had to bring it up close to tell the duck was there. Fantastic shot! Quilters often take fabric and look at it in greyscale to judge the "value"....which is very important in making choices for quilts. Happy Birtday to all!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Dad & Cousin ... and that's a clever and interesting U ..

    I dont know about U .. but here its a LOT cooler!


  8. Unabating heat here too and great U! UGH 2!

    Happy Birthday to your Dad and Heather! 85? Wonderful!

  9. Great and beautiful choice for U letter:)

  10. Unreal! I love the unabated temperature!

    Very clever!

    Happy Birthday to your loved ones!

  11. Happy birthday to your father and cousin! The world's temperature is at sixes and sevens! We should have summer but it's still not warm.

  12. UHG! is right.. I have 45F right now..@7P.M. Mt time..sorry it is so Unbearably hot there... Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad. and cousin..
    The flower you asked about(the main purple one) is called a shooting star..Thanks for asking.. I didn't say it because it didn't have a

  13. Hey, that is great camouflage. I would have missed it if I was the photographer. Good job.

  14. The weather is strange everywhere....go figure!
    Mine is here.

  15. Yup, mama mallard does a great job of keeping her nest Unseen. Great choice.

    101ºF! Glad I live in the mid-south where the temp only made it up to 85º. (We will certainly see 100º temps, but I hope they hold off until August. June is too soon.)

  16. Great U's.

    I especially like the Mallard nest.
    Great find.

    Come visit,
    Troy and Martha


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