Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Pretty, A Meme, A Birthday


Meme #1: I'm supposed to list those blogs that "had me at hello"...well, there are quite a few I follow regularly and at one point or another they all "got" me. Below is a short list of some (some is the key word here) of the blog posts that have me coming back for more and more. (I'm not even going to include my dear friends, (among them, mental, my bro bbum, and jules come to mind), as that would just be cheating!)

In no particular order:

1. Noble Pig: She had me forever and always at "It's Hard to Watch". The memories it brought back made me tear up - especially today as it's my baseball-playing son's birthday. And the rest of her posts have continued to be superb. You'll LOVE her.

2. Daryl: She had me forever and always at "how i met my man". This struck a chord because, well, simply because this is both hers and my 30th anniversary. Quite a feat, at least for me! Love her NYC angle on things.

3. Kacey: She had me forever and always at "Deja Vu". I am a Columbia, MO girl and all of her boys have gone/are going to school there - so, nuff said! That's not the only thing she blogs about - all her other posts are just a cut above the rest!

4. The Fishing Guy: He had me forever and always at "Weekend of Fishing". When I saw that mess of fresh water fish....I just melted back to my growing-up years and all the fish that was on our dinner table many many evenings - so very delicious!

5. Chronicles of a Country Girl: She had me forever and always at "My First Attempt. Ever". Kate has one of the few blogs I've been able to read from first inception to present. Well worth the read in my humble opinion.

There are so many other blogs out there that I so enjoy - some I've only begun to follow, others I've been following for some months now - and I don't want to slight ANY of you! And do know that even if I don't comment every day, I'm still reading!!!

To those I've mentioned (and anyone else), if you want to continue this meme, please do! It's good to acknowledge those who give us pleasure. If you're not so inclined, that's ok too, don't cha think??

I've only been doing this whole blog thing since January. Don't know what is in it's future, but do hope it's something that's worth sustaining and just a bit wonderful....


Happy happy birthday to my one and only *Bly-Guy*!
You're the very best son a mommy could ever have!
24?? Bly - you are so old!
How come I'm not????
Love, love LOVE you! xoxoxoxoxmomxoxoxoox




  1. Could you be any sweeter! Good grief that was so nice. I am humbled Annie.

  2. love the flower pic... I read a good number of the same blogs and yep they are awesome.
    Hugs Laura

  3. I go with noble pig. That is - "I'm humbled!" That is so sweet! Glad to be on that list!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. Aw . thanks, Annie... yup 30 big ones .. our's is July 30 .. whens yours?

    And Happy Birthday to your baby!


  5. "hope it's something that's worth sustaining and just a bit wonderful...."

    Yep! a wonderful wish for yourself and I often think that for myself also. Beautiful post and Happy Birthday to your boy!

  6. You are such a peach! Happy B-Day Bly Guy!

  7. To the babe, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Hi TSannie,

    One word for your photo: lucious. It is beautiful!

    BTW, birthday wishes extended as well.


  9. Oh, holy crap. I am laughing out loud because I went to the post you linked for me and I had forgotten that one. My first post, ever. I can't believe I forgot to delete it. But I'm leaving it in now, because he really was bringing me drinks and it was funny.

    I am so honored, Annie. Really. I don't know how I'm up there with all these talented blogs. How do you ever choose? I would not be able to say who had me at hello for fear of hurting feelings. But I thank you. And I've already some to my blog roll.


  10. Annie, thank you so much. I too am very humbled that you would speak so kindly of my blog and put me with such a wonderful group of bloggers.. Have a beautiful weekend..and happy birthday to your baby.. mine is counting down his 10th next I don't know how they get so old, yet us moms maintain quite well.(wink)

  11. Belated Happy Birthday to your little darling!!


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