Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Day for Pondering

Day before my birthday.
How am I living my life?
Grandly...or just good enough?

Guess it's time to ponder me.
O what a joy that should be!
How do I view my reality?

I'll clue you in if there are
Any AHA! EUREKA! moments.
Try not to get too excited about that.*



P. S. I have many many blessings in my life and I love every single one of them! It's good to be alive - and each day I get to live this life of mine is a treasured day. But it really is good to ponder at least one day a year, and the day before your birthday seems a good time to do that. Must go ponder now!

*Thanks to CG for most of that last line.


  1. Happy Birthday Eve, Annie! I love that picture. What is it? Pondering too. xoxo

  2. Here's hoping your day is filled with happy, peaceful and loving pondering

  3. a little pondering - reflecting -is a good thing - and birthday eve day - what a good day to do it.

  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and ponder away to your heart's content. Enjoy every minute and eat lots of cake :-) Is Mental P making you one??

  5. What I'm pondering right now: what the hell is that picture?

  6. Pondering the picture as well - but wishing you the best for your tomorrow's Birthday! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  7. Oh what a good idea and the perfect day to ponder your previous and upcoming year!

  8. I like to think I look at things with an open mind .. even an open eye .. but this makes me open my mouth and say WTH?

    Happy Ere of Birthday!


  9. Enjoy your pondering! Here's hoping that everything looks wonderul upon further reflection!

  10. Is that a picture of ET's offspring? Very interesting;) Cheer up young chum...Celebrate you day with all the flair and gusto you have given all your life!
    Happy Day:)

  11. I'm pondering the picture. It looks sort of otherworldy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! Have a wonderful day.

  12. its not quite midnight yet but I want to be first to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! oh plug your ears LOL I can't carry a tune in a 55 gallon drum!

  13. Well, if your birthday was June 4th, Happy Birthday! That was my 31st anniversary! I hope you had fun pondering!


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