Monday, June 30, 2008

Houston...We Have a Problem...

What would you think if you turned on your computer and all it presented you with was a gray screen and in the middle of said screen was a flashing folder with a question mark in the middle of that?  I cried.  Then I pulled myself together and swore vigorously.  I felt just slightly better.  

There is nothing more devastating in the world than to have one's computer crash.  The devastation has officially happened to me.  And it is devastating.  Totally devastating.  

Lesson learned?  


After work today I will be off to my friendly Apple miracle-working fix-it shop.  I'm hoping they'll be able to save what's on my hard drive.  If not, you will hear my scream of anguish all across the land.  

So, if there's nuthin' new here in the next several days...must go sob now.  




  1. It's okay Annie. We can share mine until you get yours back. Oh, and I have wine.

  2. Ouch. That hurts.
    One tip though. Spend a hundred bucks and get yourself the biggest external Hard drive you can get and put your data on there. It won't be hurt by a system crash (at least with 99% certainty, and it itself dying is pretty rare, too)
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. Aaaah yes. this happened to me too. I still refer to it as the Great Crash of '05. It gets better, I promise. ;)

  4. hugsssss I hope the apple folks can help...Been there crashed ... Hated it... dread the thought of it happening again.
    More hugs

  5. Hope the Apple people come through!!

    And I 2nd the big external hard drive - they are CHEAP!!! - in fact, get 2 and swap between a 2nd in a backup at your house does no good in case of fire or other disaster. We all have zillions of photos we'd hate to lose...

  6. Yikes -- I'm so sorry! Please do give the follow up when you find out...

  7. Oh hon, so sorry. I've had one too and it is horrible. I hope they can help you! Would you believe I don't even know how to back this sucker up? Or use an external hard drive or have back up of pictures. I have work to do. Thank you for the reminder and now go see Mama ((hugs))

  8. That's the worst feeling isn't it? I hope they can salvage it all. Keep us posted...From MPM computer if you have to.

  9. Oh, Annie.....I feel your pain! I try to keep all my important stuff backed up, but sometimes go weeks without remembering to back up my pictures. We have a $39 extra drive called The Book, which is great for backing stuff up on and it is separate from the main computer. If I would just remember to use it!!! I'm going to back my pictures up right now!

  10. Ann-- you have a Mac. With Leopard, if I remember correctly (if not, what the heck?).

    It has Time Machine. Awesome backup built in that works automatically whenever you lug in your external hard drive (which you should have if you don't).

    It. Just. Works.

    Personally, I have a Time Machine backup AND a second drive that is just a copy. Time Machine has saved me many a time -- not from crashes, but from the "Oh, no! Did I really just delete that?" situations.

    If this were your first data loss, I'd be full of sympathy. As this is not, my sympathy is not so much, but not quite to the laughing at you stage.

    (Hey, I'm her brother. I can get away with it. Though I will have to make it up -- maybe I'll send the 5 lbs of smoked salmon you left in my freezer.)

  11. Aw, good luck with that. Like others have said, get an external hard drive. It's just a tiny thing that connects to a USB port, but mine has 500 gig of space. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

  12. oooh ... I am so sad... I wondered if the little sad Apple icon was still what they used when it crapped out ... now I know ... when ... wait .. if you get a new 'puter they come with a fab back up program built in called TimeMachine .. ask about it!


  13. Oh I'm sooo sorry to hear that! I hope you get back up & running soon! Best of luck!


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