Monday, June 16, 2008

A Pretty & A Snippet

Monday morning prettiness & a snippet for you:


Conversation on a recent all day beach field trip:

Teacher's Aide: Vera, you're getting a little red, there. Want to borrow my sun block?

Teacher: Oh no, I don't need any. I don't get sunburned.

T.A.: Really?? How come? I thought everyone burns eventually.

Teacher: In my family we don't burn because we keep a homeopathic household.

T.A.: _____________________. (Speechless: 1. because she know if she opens her mouth she'll burst out laughing, and 2. because she just doesn't know exactly how to respond to complete stupidity.)

Fast forward to the next morning. T. A. runs into teacher in the hallways of school. Teacher is bright red.....her nose is blistered. T. A. immediately does an about-face and sprints in the opposite direction. She has the decency to burst into laughter - finally - after running into the bathroom. She also decides that a homeopathic home is no substitute for SPF 50.




  1. Sometimes...homeopathetic!!

    Have a good Monday, hon!

  2. Grin - you might not happen to be a teachers aide, huh?
    Never heard of homeopathic sunblock ...;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. snicker... now this had me scratching my head... huh!? Bwahahaha... ohhhh man.....
    Your dogwood photo is indeed beautiful and what I needed for a shot of delicate prettiness for a Monday morning!

  4. Funny story! Beautiful dogwood!

  5. LOL, some people!!

  6. not very bright there is she?

  7. Amazing ... I assume she's not a science teacher ..


  8. Hah!

    I did a bit of research on homeopathy.

    Being the sole winner of a multi-state $1B lottery is more likely than it is to have even one molecule of the original active ingredient in a dose of a homeopathic remedy.

    It is all about dilution. And shaking. Lots and lots of shaking. And more dilution. And more shaking. Repeat.

    The theory is that the shaking will transfer the naughty vibrations of the bad stuff to the water or alcohol used to dilute it. And that, regardless of there most likely being zero molecules of naughty bits left in the final solution, the bad vibrations will remain and your body will react to them to build up your defenses.

    I'm not kidding.

    Utter flim-flammery.

  9. OMG that is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

  10. Got a good laugh over the quackery, but I love seeing my favorite flowering tree all over again. Thanks for the photo and bringing a smile to my face.


  11. Really funny post, I enjoyed the reaction and the colorful ending.

  12. You are a much better person than I. Should have told her to be careful what she is eating cause something didn't work. LOL..Sometimes people amaze me..
    Beautiful Fathers Day tribute from you as well.. Have a great week/

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