Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Shameless Family Exploitation*

*AKA: Using my Baby Brother's Material for
My Own Most ~Brilliant~ Post

And Also Known As:
Words of the Day Redeux,Apricots on Steroids

My brother, Bill, emailed the family today with news & photos of his apricot crop. (Really, that should be his plethora of an apricot crop. And as you will read, in the past several years, there had also been a total dearth of an apricot crop. That so works for me and my favorite words thingy!) Without consulting him, I have decided that his pictures and words would make the most lovely post here for me at the Tombstone. Aren't I just the best older sister???

"Apricot Production to the Point of Failure"
Bill wrote:
"When we bought the house
[in 2004], this apricot tree was just barely taller than me. Didn't produce apricots that year or the next. I told it that if it didn't produce apricots, I was going to cut it down and use it to smoke a turkey. Apparently, it listened. Last year, we had about 30 apricots. Delicious. This year? The tree got serious about apricot production!

The Abundance is Unabating...Steroids are Suspected...

Obviously it is much taller than Bill now......And that tree will never be smoking any stinkin' ol' turkey!
It most certainly has earned it's keep!

On another note, have you all heard anything about the biggest land fill in the world??? Did you know it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean??? Until very recently, I had no idea - no idea at all! While I'm not one to preach about much of anything, I must say that this bothers me a LOT! The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is real, is growing at an alarming rate and, I believe, is a huge issue for all of we humans who occupy this one and only earth.




  1. The funny part is that it will be used to smoke turkeys and has been used to smoke pork butts.

    The thing now grows so fast that I have to cut it back to prevent it from going to war with the wisteria or violating the neighbor's air space.

    Seriously -- this tree has put out more than a dozen new 6+ foot long branches just this spring! At the same time it produces that apricot crop!

    I tell it "thank you" whenever I'm in that corner of the yard. When the apricots are ripe, I'll by making muddled apricot margaritas and enjoying them from a rocking chair in the shade of same tree.


  2. Apricot martaritas...enjoyed in a rocking chair...under a shade tree...I'm so there with you!

    You MUST share your apricot margarita recipe...tho I can't see how it is better than your traditional margarita recipe - that's KILLER!

  3. Oh, boy! That tree is *loaded* with apricots. I luvvv apricots! Can't say I've ever had an muddled apricot margarita, but it sounds yummy.

    Note for bbum: I think it's a nice thing for you to thank the tree.

  4. Wow, it looks awesome! Just beautiful loads of fruit!

  5. I guess I better start talking to my newly planted trees...maybe they will grow. Wish we could grow fruit like that here:)

  6. Wow - that's something! A little "positive" enforcement did have seem to do the trick, huh?
    Cheers, Klaus

  7. The Tree Whisperer. Or is it the Tree Threatener? makes me want some preserves. Going to the gym instead.

  8. Oh, would I like to sink my teeth into one of those apricots for breakfast this morning! What a crop! I will definitely check out the links about the dump, too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogs this morning. I hope the new blog takes off. The place in the picture you asked about is a restaurant - a breakfast room really, called "Les Filles du Roy" in Old Montreal. It's in a really interesting old inn where we stayed.

  9. I can see that you and your brother share a sense of humor :-) Wonderful looking apricots! Good post! I'm glad you were able to work in your favorite words, too :-) Whether on land or sea, the garbage dumps are caused by US. If we don't stop buying throw away stuff and wasteful packaging, we are the ones that are creating the dump.

  10. I had no idea apricots grew in clusters like that .. I bet they go great pureed and added to some nice Proseco .. or even a white wino


  11. and where does bro live??? I think he might want to take up shipping some of those wonderful fruits to those of us less fortunates LOL
    Grins me

  12. What a great production from the tree. It's a good tree when it know when to produce. You should have a ball with this plethora of fruit. Apricot Jam, Apricot Fruit Desert, Apricot Pie, Apricot Cake, Fried Apricot - LOL Gump would be proud of me.

  13. I wonder if he wouldn't mind having a word with some of my trees. Sounds like he's got the perfect message!

  14. Wow! Marvelous apricots!!

    Your blog is lovely. Why, may I ask, is your title "The Tombstone Chronicler"?

    Thanks for stopping by my place today. :)

  15. Wow, this is an amazing tree. I anxiously await your apricot margarita recipe now.

    Gosh, I wish I lived near you guys . . .

  16. Wow, they look delicious! Threats work with trees?
    We planted a peach tree in NM, had the local horticulturalist come and graft in "one of the best peaches I've ever had" and the year we were to expect fruit? Got orders to England. *sigh*
    BTW, your header photo is fantastic!

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