Tuesday, June 10, 2008

HELLLLOOOO! It's Only June!

Dear Mother Nature,

Have you lost your ever lovin' mind??I have a small bone to pick with you. While I would never try to second guess your outstanding weather timing,
I must tell you you're an idiot and I can't understand why we are having temperatures close to scalding - even the hounds of hell are profusely sweating for cryin' out loud, and it's not even the middle of June!Remember June? Springtime. Rainy. Cool. Ring a bell??? While I am grateful you supply me with a seemingly endless supply of beauty, what are you trying to do, kill all the beauty you've given me???, I can't help but wonder if these extreme temperatures might be harming the very beauty you create. Hmmmm...

Notice the temperature gauge in my car as I left work....
(yeah, I know, that's not the actual temperature,

it's simply how hot it actually felt!)

Now notice the high temperature of the day at my home....
(yup, that's the actual high temperature,
not just how hot it actually felt!)

Finally notice the ungodly temperature at 4:00pm today at my home.
What is the matter with you??? I am profusely sweating and you are insane!
I really am not at all happy with your fahrenheit choices of late!
Possibly a change in thinking is due, Mother N.??
(No, your eyes aren't deceiving you.
At 4:oo pm it actually was 90 in our house.
Our AC is on the fritz. Not a good thing at all!)

Do Love you, MN, xoxo abb


Note to Self: Beauty...channel Mother Nature's beauty NOW!
Ommmmm...OK, much better now!

Mr. Bumblebee having his way with Miss Mountain Laurel.

I've never noticed before that the tiny stamens
are first folded up in the middle and then
unfurl to each of the red spots. Lovely!
(It has something to do with the bumblebee's/honey bee's visit.)

Miss Mountain Laurel is the state flower
of our beautiful Connecticut.
Isn't she just magnificent?
(Obviously the heat doesn't bother her one bit.)
(Hmph!! I think I'm jealous!)




  1. You had me at the first sentence. Loved the humor...and then the photos. Looking forward to coming back. Thanks for stopping by Spatter by the way...glad you liked what you saw and hope you'll come back! You asked about my location. I'm 6 months in south Florida and 6 in Floyd, VA. That's where I am now.

  2. Annie, did the a/c man get there? I sure hope so!

  3. That was fun - might as well laugh at it...

  4. Funny! :)
    True though!
    Cheers, Klaus

  5. I think those red spots from the stamens after Mr Bumble's visit are sort of Ms Mountain Laurel's .. umm .. her .. er ... orgasm?????????

    And I too hope the AC was working in your house last nite ... and today ...


  6. Hilarious....calm down and you will be cooler (I just ducked in case you threw something at me)! It sure makes me shutter to think what August is going to be like! The Mountain Laurel is lovely and I can see why they made it the State Flower. That is interesting about the stamens and the red dots!

  7. Yikes!! and funny...as long as you got A/C...

    Snow is forecast tonight for here -down to 3500 feet which is close to my elevation...

    Hard to believe such extremes in June!

  8. beautiful flowers... I think I may take a few pics today of the poor wilted and burning up flowers... the grass is turning brown already... and we are looking for 100 again today... I would DIE with out my heat pump OMG ... you walk out and it SUCKS your breath out!

  9. I'm sorry you girls are sweating out there...cooler breezes coming your way!

  10. Well, at least thank your lucky stars it isn't in the triple digits like it has been down here in Texas. I feel like a shrinking violet at this point, lol.

    I still stand by what I've said many times. This is going to be The Summer From Hell...

  11. *blows on hand*
    Here is some of our weather. It is a balmy 54 degrees right now. The rain has temporarily stopped and the winds from last night have died down.
    I hope it helps you cope with 100 degrees which is no fun even if you have air conditioning...
    Poor thing!

  12. Very nice, they look like rhodos.

  13. I really need to learn what font you use with the strike out..lol..I also saw that the air conditioner in your car was cranked and it was only 67 in there with you. lol.. ever think that maybe MN is having Mental Pause as well... Don't tick her off...(wink) hope things cool down a bit for you..
    On another note my husband built a fire last night to take the chill off here after we got home....(sorry couldn't resist)

  14. Hon, I hope you have A/C now! It may be a little cooler today on the East Coast. Odd for CT to be that warm, I know...

    Your flowers are gorgeous...

  15. Beautiful pictures, but I have to say that I love the heat just as much as I love the harsh winters. Love it, love it.

  16. well, I've gone looking and you can't live in Tombstone AZ with all this green! Connecticut is where is was born and raised. Why the name "Tomstone" on your blog?


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