Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wondrously Wound in Coiling Circles

Wondrously Wound,
In a Coiling Circle that's
Wound Wondrously!

Perfectly coiled rope
By the dock of every boat.
A sign of respect.

DANG IT, I had the perfect W post all done for today and then I had to go and make a trip to the docks at the local Yacht (loosely used term here) Club to bring a requested camera to my two girls. It just ruined everything about my original post - that W post is out the window! (I'll possibly share it at a later date...don't hold your breath.) Now I've had to create the second W post - work, there's always more work!

My two daughters, along with a good friend, detail boats in their spare time. Since we live within spitting distance from the Sound, it's a good thing to like to do - and to be good at. Anywho - I got the call from them earlier today requesting that I bring a camera so they could take before and after pictures of their work. I said "of course" and off I went! Got to the ~Yacht~ Club and needed to go to Dock C, not Dock A or Dock B, but Dock C of said club. I tell ya, I've driven by this place a bajillion times over the last 28 years and have never guessed it was simply so gi-normas! And the boats! Oh, some of those boats! Huge! Just huge! Well, maybe ~yacht club~ is a term not so loosely used afterall! Dang - I've digressed again!

I walked down to the main dock and was immediately drawn to the rope formations you see here. To someone who had never seen anything like it before, I found them to be just incredibly beautiful! They are obviously formed out of what rope is left over after the boat is moored.

Of course I am in the midst of loudly ohhing and ahhhing, wondering what these marvelous bits of loveliness I've just discovered mean, when one of my darling daughters says to me "MOM, really, it's no big deal! We all do that!" "Why?", I asked. "Well just because," she replied. "No, but WHY? There has to be a REASON!", I
most likely
yelled atasked her. Her exasperated reply, (and an answer I'm choosing to firmly believe): "Because it's a sign of the respect you have for the owner's boat and the good job you've done making his/her boat look like new!"

Whatever, dear daugher! I find the ropes to be absolutely beautiful and cannot possibly believe I've been here as long as I have and so very close to the water and have never even had a clue these random works of art existed. (Obviously, GB and I are not of the ~boating bunch~!)

I wonder if they have a name or if there's a tradition behind them. I tried to find out, I really did...and came up empty, bereft, saddened from the lack of knowledge on this subject.

Do you know? Do let me know!



Thanks, WT!

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  1. I don't know what they are ( officially )called either, but I think your 'Wondrously Wound' is perfect. Yes, i have also greatly admired them when i've seen them on boats, & to me they also tell of an attention to detail that makes an impact on anyone who sees them.

  2. wow...lots of wondrously wound with different colors :P

    Visit me in here

  3. Very unique post for W!

    My "W" picture is now posted in this blog:

    Shutter Happenings

    Hope you could drop by.

  4. double w....:) I did it too, winter
    Nice job!

  5. I'm really wound up now. Wonderful explanation.

  6. Wonderfully written. I think you have the best title whatevere they are.

  7. It's a very original and new W post. Very good shots!

  8. Wow! It's weally, weally wonderful to learn new stuff;)

  9. Wow! Very creative! I love these pictures.

  10. I love the images as well. Nothing's left to dangle on or around boats. "The bitter end of a line is the end not attached to something else. You coil line down onto the deck or dock. A Flemish is a decoratively coiled line. You should coil loose lines to prevent trips and fouling of the line when you really need it." And there ye have it. Ahoy!

  11. Great writing. Witty and great pics - a perfect "W" ABC wednesday!

  12. You are very good at noticing interesting things among the ordinary! I like your wound ropes...they do make nice works of art! Maybe it is partly to get the rope neatly out of the way so poeple won't trip on them as they walk down the dock. Great post!

  13. What a wonderful W post! Truly unique!

    What sound do you live near?

  14. THANK YOU, Winetipper, for letting me know what the coils are called!
    Flemish Coils. Also Flemish Flakes.

    I just knew it would be you that would know the answer!

  15. Who would have thought? I've had small boats in the past and we just left the rope dangling after securing it. This is neat and after the explanation, I understand why...great job!

  16. How intersting -- and yes, I've also noticed those neatly coiled ropes, and now know why.

  17. My hubby always wound our boat rope this way, I always thought it was cool too.

  18. I can just picture the scene! LOL! Yes, what we see when we blog! LOL!

  19. This is most original and worthwhile W


  20. That is so cool-- that would have driven me crazy trying to figure out why they were all done the same-- and great choice for ABC weds.

  21. I am a big one for "thinking about thinking" about things. I thought this was a great theme. I am always marveled by the way children force us to answer "why". They force us to think about things. The rope was wondrously wound and that explanation was perfect for representing that perfection of the boats and their creations.. good for you! Kayce

  22. I not good with rope at all. I always make it tangle:(
    But I like your shots and your very great idea for the W letter!

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  24. Yes, it is what we also call a Ditch Lily as they grow wild everywhere here. And I don't know how I got these but they are here.

  25. Now if you had only known that you could have done a post about the letter "F"! Well, I like this one anyway. It's interesting to see what captures your imagination and inspires you. There is beauty in the simple things of life, NO? Anyway, thanks for sharing the beauty and the knowledge! I like your poems too!

  26. What fun! I've never seen anything like them, but they certainly photograph well. :)

  27. They are wonderfully wound indeed. So perfect and round; I wonder how long it takes to get them so perfect?

  28. Wow! What a great ABC Wednesday post. And I love the sweet peas and their story, too.

  29. Worthy idea for a Wednesday post.
    Very clever.

  30. A wonderful W wound with creativity detailing perfection. Love the words.
    varying seasons

  31. Great post! The ropes made for interesting photos!

  32. What a great post of the cleat knots with the coiled rope.


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