Monday, June 09, 2008

A Parting Gift...

I finally bit the bullet and severely cut back my hibiscus. Hated to do it because just about every branch had at least one bud on it, but it had become so tall and spindly, to the point of pure ugliness, I simply didn't have a choice. It looked even worse than it did in January, the first time I lamented the fact the plant looked awful but with all the bloomage I couldn't possibly bear to cut it back.
Funny, this plant bloomed like crazy for it's first year or so, didn't bloom at all for many many years, then suddenly, in the last few years, and for no apparent reason, has bloomed like mad! I almost threw it out during the barren years, but being a sentimental old fool, hung onto it. Glad I did!

There were two branches that had blossoms on them that looked almost ready to open so I put them in a vase to see if they would bloom. They did and how beautiful they are, as you can see! A parting present from an old spindly hibiscus, and I do mean old. My mom gave this hibiscus plant to me on my 30th birthday - that was more years ago than I care to admit to!

Sorry, Miss Hibiscus, you look really pathetic now! I promise I'll feed you lots of Miracle-Gro and hope hope hope you have it in you to once again grace me with your gorgeousness!




  1. Geez what a beautiful flower! She does look sad in her haircut state of being.

  2. Wow Annie...I know it took a lot to do that. But I am already visualizing a fluffier, happier hibiscus. ;)

  3. These blossoms look great in orange!
    Hope the haircut will pan out!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. Isn't it horrible to have to cut things back? I'm always firmly convinced that if I cut something it will never bloom again and I can't stand to throw away a flower or bud once I cut it. That is a beautiful flower! I'm sure it will be more beautiful than ever next year!

  5. Such glorious color .. makes my mouth water .. seriously

    Dont they like to be root bound? I think I read that somewhere .. and if they are they put out more flowers .. anyway I am sure with you giving it TLC AND Miracle Gro it will soon be flowering again.


  6. Ok... you got me all a'skeered. When I saw "parting gifts" I thought you were going to tell me you were quitting blogging. And I was all, nuh uh!!!!


  7. beautiful flower and I struggle so hard with cutting anything back... I just love them to grow and grow and bloom and bloom... just makes me happy...
    I almost burst out into tears with that last picture...
    hugs laura

  8. It's beautiful, Annie! I can't wait to see the recovery!

    Yesterday TOG knocked over both of my potted plants with the hose and broke off blossoms. What a toad!

  9. It's beautiful! It's always difficult to cut plants back. They grow so slowly here anyway. Somehow it just seems WRONG. lol But, it should come back better than ever.

  10. Greta, you are way too kind! Thank you for being all a'skeered. Can't believe it and I so appreciate it!

    Daryl, you're right, hibiscus love to be root-bound and considering Miss Hibiscus has been in the same pot for 30 years, I bet she is!

    Cutting back....whether it's calories or plant life, it is SO HARD!

  11. I love the shade of orange. Beautiful flower. Maybe it will survive.

  12. Oh, please don't throw us old barren things away!! I'm sure I could still flower, um, if given the opportunity LOL LOL

    She'll come back beautiful and strong!

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