Thursday, June 12, 2008

Word of the Day


1. A scarce supply; a lack: "the dearth of uncensored, firsthand information about the war" Richard Zoglin2. (obselete, rare) Dearness; the quality of being rare or costly.

While I didn't pen the example of using ~dearth~ in that first definition, I certainly agree. (There I go - being "political" again).
Below is my attempt, after the photo, of the second definition...
In this old world of ours, there truly is a dearth of roses
whose aroma is as beautiful as their appearance.
Behold the Bonica rose.
She breaks the mold.
Dearthness begone!



P.S. Head on over to Mental Mama. I have it on good authority that she has used this outstanding word in her post today as well.

P.P.S. Our high today was a cool 89 with low humidity! Hurray!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful Bonica! I *need* one of those!

  2. Beautiful flower! The weather is great here, too. So glad the heatwave finally broke!

  3. The dearth-ness is pervasive. I have no energy today...

  4. Great capture - a true beauty!
    Cheers, Klaus

  5. Beautiful rose! I've never been good at growing roses, but love them. Glad you have had a break in your heat wave.

  6. half-naked roofer guys right outside my window. Sorry, can't think of anything else ;)

  7. I'm envious, Greta. Very envious...there's not even a window in our office. POOH!

  8. I like 'abated' and I like 'dearth' ... I like visiting NYC more .. oh wait its more than one word! OY


  9. Pretty rose and I like this word - going to try to use it - see what my kids think - HA!

    I'm Kellan - nice to meet you. SEe you soon.

  10. I'm so glad your heat abated! It would be dreadful if it continued Unabated! Then you would have a dearth of cool air!

    Beautiful picture as always!

  11. The dearth of water in our lakes, will again be the dearthness of my jetskiing this year....

  12. Word of the day!! so funny. My youngest, was if 4th grade last year and they had a word wall.. Not a normal word wall, one of his words was Misanthrope(ha ha I had to google that to figure out how to spell it..LOL)We had great fun with that word.. then I found myself having to look up words he was using just because there was NO way I was going to admitt that I didn't know what he was saying to me.. LOL.. thanks for the memory. that is a beautiful flower, glad things are cooling down for you..

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