Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"A Lemon of an Apple"

Me:  "I don't know what happened.  My computer was frozen, so after four hours, [I waited that long as my brother tells me I click out of impatience way too soon], I shut said computer down. I then tried to start it again, and all I got was a gray screen with a flashing folder that had a question mark in the middle of it." 

Apple Bar Genius:  "Let's hook it up to my super-duper little thingy" [Super-duper thingy are my words -  actually the young man that helped me was the picture of professionalism and had the correct actions and words describing my situation] "that will help determine what the problem might be."

Me:  "OK - that sounds promising...I think."

Apple Genius:  "Oh...Oh my...Oh dear....this doesn't look good.  My gizmo [My words again] says that your hard drive is not here."  I replied: "What do you mean it's not HERE?"  "Well ma'am, it's not here any longer - it has just quit WORKING.", he replied.  Me:  "WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT HAS JUST QUITE WORKING?? ARE YOU *&#*&% KIDDING ME???" (That last line I was thinking, not saying out loud - I am polite if nothing else!) "No, Ma'am, I'm not." he replied.  Most unfortunately.

My computer is only a year and a half years old AND IT HAS STOPPED WORKING???? You must be KIDDING!?!?!?  If I didn't have the extended warranty, I'd be up the creek without that good old paddle, but I do have that little old warranty, so I "get" a new hard drive. However...have I backed up all my stuff recently??  Nope!! Shame on me, big big time, shame on me!!  

And So -

My bottom line is, I took my computer to the very nice and kind Geniuses at the Apple Genius Bar (an innovative and excellent operation - efficient and fast) and they told me that my hard drive is shot.  That shot hard drive is an Apple responsibility.  While they are not responsible for what is on my hard drive because it's my responsibility to back it up, I have learned that my hard drive has been defective from the factory, thus from the get-go, and that is their responsibility.  So...let's see...I have a computer that is defective from the get go:  Conversation with a techi: (He's chuckling):  "Well, I guess you have a lemon of an Apple!"  (His body will never be found.) And to add insult to injury, I have to pay to back up all my data that wouldn't be lost if I hadn't had a defective ~from the factory~ hard drive in the first place???  I wish I could at least get a guarantee of a future non-crashing working computer....

I am without my computer.  May you (collective Apple folk) be without your computer every single day I'm without mine!  Let's see how well your day goes!  Blah!


You all really should take a little side-trip to my brother, Bill's post today.  The apricots from the overloaded tree in his yard are now ripe and he's made and photographed his apricot margarita recipe. You'll want to dive right in and drink the whole thing up.  Here's a little taste to whet your whistle:

Photo courtesy of my brother, Bbum.




  1. If you are lucky, it could just be that the little board mounted cable to the hard drive shook loose.

    That is, unless, of course, you have somehow been exceedingly gentle with the machine since you bought it.


    When the old drive comes out, it may still work.

  2. You want some cheese with that whine, Annie? See you later, off to buy an exterior hard drive...

  3. Oh, boy. Makes me break out in a sweat just to hear. So sorry! But maybe your brother is right and you will be able to recover some things? I'll keep the good thought for ya.

  4. Bummer! Hope your data can be retrieved!
    Klaus (No cheers today ;))

  5. Poor Annie! Computer withdrawal after crashing is so hard to deal with and a "lemon of an apple", while it sounds funny, is still sour fruit. Go outside and take some long deep breaths....take pictures.....stay away from that evil lemon sitting in there. Tell Mental P Mama to give you a drink...or two. I hope you recover your data.

  6. Oh gosh Annie this does suck even with a warranty! At least they are responsible but crap!

    I hope you are able to retrieve some of your precious cargo and set sail again soon!!

    Go see mama for the drink when she gets back from external hard drive store :)

  7. I am so sorry ... was it a MacBook? I think they were made too quickly .. a lot have either battery or hard drive issues .. I have the MacBookPro (of course I do .. if its conspicuous consumption, its me) .. and its had issues w/the battery - now replaced for free - and a myriad of internet issues with the WiFi connection .. it seems it occasionally forgets its linked to a WiFi (APPLE AIR PORT BASE) network and I have to set up said Air Port Network all over again .. my MacBook G4 Titanium never had a single problem in all of its 5 yr life .. I so miss it.

    Genius Bar peeps are the best ...

    I hope now you will use the TimeMachine - even once a week is enough to protect your files/pix/music unless you do a lot of editing/deleting ...

    Happy to help if you need


  8. There's an award for you, come on over and pick it up!


  9. HUGS and I hope that all works well... and the apple people suffer as you are...
    brothers apricots look devine! If I drank I'd sure try his drink:)
    My computers are making me nuts...
    hang in there...

  10. That drink looks yummy...when arfe you mixing?

  11. I'm so sorry about your computer. I get that all the time at work... people that persist in putting things on the desk top... the computer burps and no, we can't put it back, because it wasn't on the network drive, and that's what we back up EVERY night.

    On the home front, I backed up all my photos last night. I'm starting to get quite a few and I don't want to lose any if my hard drive turns out to be a lemon!

    PS ~ I love HGTV!

  12. Oh that must hurt, I am so, so sorry, that margarita might help though!

  13. It sounds like the episode on Sex and the City (the series) where Carrie takes her Apple to the Apple Bar and they tell her the same exact thing! Her hard drive was shot and every story she'd written was gone. She'd never backed it up. So you're Carrie on Sex and the City.

    I'm so sorry, Annie. I know what it's like when your computer fizzles out. I hope you're back up soon. Thanks for the tip on your brother!


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