Friday, July 11, 2008

Sky Watch Friday...

....Nothing that is can pause or stay;
The moon will wax, the moon will wane, 
The mist and cloud will turn to rain, 
The rain to mist and cloud again, 
To-morrow be to-day.


Excerpt from "Keramos" by  
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow




  1. I am too analytical right now, but I am teaching myself that simple concept. Nothing stays the same. Love the moment and get ready for the next.

    The picture is perfect.

  2. This is a wonderful photos and I love your complientry words, perfect.

  3. Another reason for Sky Watch...enjoy the beautiful moments in life...gone so quickly!

    Great shot, girl!

  4. Blues and whites - and even if they are a precursor to a thunderstorm - you gotta love them! Cheers, Klaus

  5. Beautiful picture and beautiful words. I never tire of clouds that look like that.

  6. bee-u-t-ful ... so relaxing .. so pouffy ..


  7. TC: Love the fluffy clouds today, I could see a lot of objects in these formations. Love them.

  8. Beautiful!! The picture is completed by that lovely quotation!

    Thanks for dropping by my SkyWatch! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. That's a lovely sheep dog to the right in that huge mass of clouds -- and stunning blue sky.

  10. Wonderful cloud/sky photo; a beautiful Sky Watch! The poem is a wonderful, and most appropriate, accompaniment.
    I don't have a Sky Watch photo posted this week, but wanted to visit anyway.
    Pat-An Arkansas Stamper

  11. Quilly, you're right! I see the sheep dog as well!

  12. What a beautiful cloud formation this is. We seem to have finally broken free from the afternoon showers now. I've just looked at your previous posts and enjoyed them. Thanks for visiting me while I've been sick. I'm going to try and slowly catch up over the next week.

  13. Unfortunately Tom is on bed rest today and for the first time you are stuck with me. I have my orders to visit as many as I can, and make sure the links are working and everyone is being good. I am sure you are all being good.
    Tom and I thank you for Sky-Watching this week. I am sure that as soon as Tom's heart beat settles down he will be back here and visiting.


  14. A most interesting view!

  15. Hallo from north Norway. Last week I saw all Sky Watch Friday photos and they were all great, and I hope to see them all this week too. I love to travel around the world this way.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sky watch and have a great weekend!

  16. I am glad I see your photo now, for it's so terrific! The blue is great

  17. Really nice, Annie. Love the pic and the poetry.


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