Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ace Bandage

Yep, the foot's done in and so is the shin. Underneath those bandages is a long continuous scrape and bruise. It's's ugly....and now that I've gotten so damn old, probably permanent as every scrape or cut I now get seems to forever stay pinker than my unscarred skin, so I'm sure it will be bad and ugly forever. (sigh)

Yesterday Miss LaLa, Jules and I trained in to NYC to meet with Judy and Nancy of Gracious Thyme - the fabulous company that is catering Norwalk Hospital Foundation's annual gala fundraising event - to discuss our theme, menu, etc.   
Jules said she would pick me up, so when I saw her in the circle, I locked the side doors and went out the front door.  We have well shaded flagstone steps leading to the front door, and when our sprinkler system goes on, the last step before the pathway gets wet. Algae has grown in the wet shade on this last step. I walked down, purse in one hand, a glass of iced tea in the other, hit the algae patch and went flying! Purse, tea and me splattered everywhere.  Another fine moment of grace and beauty. I'm good at that. Good thing I didn't have on a skirt.
Needless to say I hurt like hell! Jules took one look at my face and asked if I wanted to go to the ER. Of course not - my leg would have had to be dangling by a thread of skin to warrant that. As luck would have it, she had just bought a first aid kit for her car, so we were able to patch me up. Got a bag of ice at the coffee stand and off we went on the train. I iced only my shin for the hour long trip as my foot hurt not one bit. Stepped on said foot to get off the train and thought I would just collapse. It was killing me! I think I've probably chipped or broken one of the many bones that reside down there.  
Got home and it was apparent I wouldn't be doing any of the final prep for the evening meal. (By the way, did I mention GB and I were having 14 for dinner?) Miss LaLa and Jules to the rescue! Those two dearest of friends came over and finished everything for me! We had a most lovely evening (I even got my ankle wrapped by one of the attendees who happens to be a nurse). And I wasn't even allowed to clean up! A most excellent evening! 

I'll leave you with a prettier picture - it's the antipasto platter Jules put together for our apps. last night.  Beautiful! Delicious too!




  1. Oh, so sorry to hear it! Poor thing. Give me a shout if you need a hand.
    PS -- spend the day in NYC when you have 14 coming for dinner? You are MUCH braver than I!

  2. Graceful even in misery! But it turned out well - with friends like that at your side.
    Though making me hungry - that is not a good thing. Now I have to load my gun and shoot me some Colonel or Burger in the neighborhood! It's on you, that one of them will have to sacrifice their life to still my hunger! ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  3. Oh Annie! I'm so sorry... But I'm laughing because we're ace bandage twins. My foot is so huge by the end of the day that It looks like spongy dough!

    I hope you feel better... are you off to the doctor?

  4. OH no that is just wrong, I'm so sorry.

    Good thing for friends to help out.


  5. And a fun time was had by all! Annie, you are a trooper!

  6. Great friends, to be sure. I am soooo sorry. That makes me cringe just to look at it. Poor dear.

  7. Aw - that brought out the nurse in me that hasn't quite been forgotten. So sorry - take care!

  8. I can't get past the fact you just spent one hour on a train and were in NYC. If I could do that, I'd gladly use crutches, wheelchair and whatever else was needed.

    I'm sorry about the leg...looks ouchy from NC. Dinner for 14? Oh God, I'd have to take two xanax for that and hire a caterer.

    Hope you're better soon! Watch out for that algae monster!

  9. Oh, Annie....I'm sorry about your foot and leg! I hope it heals quickly. What wonderful friends you have to rescue you in a crisis like that. I would be in a panic about 14 for dinner even if I was in perfect health! I'd probably break a leg to avoid having the dinner.

  10. Oh, Annie! That sounds exactly like something that I could do. I've done that before, and sprained my ankle something terrible and I know how much it hurts to land on something so hard!!! Damn, girl.

    I loved the part of the story where your friends came to the rescue and saved the day. And the appetizers look most delish, as well.

  11. wow! hope your feeling better soon.
    Such great friends !!!!!

  12. Sounds like, short of the injuries, you got the good end of the deal. :)


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