Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My Favorite Flower EVER! Really!

The Hydrangeas are out in their full regalia and I've fallen in love!  
Have you ever seen any flower more beautiful???  
(Please do not go here or here....or here, or..darn...again!)  
(It wouldn't be good!)

We have hoya bushes - sculpted at that - lining our front walk-way.  
They're old, huge, out of control and ugly.  
I've decided it would be just the thing to do to rip
 them out and then plant hydrangeas like the ones pictured above.
Wouldn't that be lovely?  Think GB'll see things my way??

Two blossoms on the same plant - one blue....

...and one decidedly lavender

Did you know you can change the color of your hydrangeas?

Yes, it's a banner bloomin' year!  

The Squirrel Wars revisited:  
You may remember I've been at war with the above fellow for the last year now.  He's one smart squirrel and has "out-foxed" me no matter what I've tried to come up with to keep him out of the birdfeeders.  Well, I was at The Wild Bird center and overheard a gal talking about how she's gone strictly to safflower seeds as grackles and squirrels won't eat them.  Hmmm, I thought, give me some of that!! What you see is a safflower "cake" that fits handily in the feeder. See the expression on Smartie's face?  I don't think he looks very happy, do you?  He jumped off right after I took this and hasn't been back!  Yippee!  (The picture isn't the greatest as the feeder was swinging wildly and I took it through the kitchen window.)


  1. Hi -

    I was referred to your blog by a mutual friend - the school nurse. Yes, I am part of the couple that met her and her husband on their honeymoon and went to Vegas with them over Thanksgiving - and my husband took the infamous helicopter of her son! (lots of info so you don't think I am some kind of weirdo - but if you ask the nurse, she'll probably tell you I am!!!) We had the pleasure of hosting them for the Fourth.

    I enjoyed reading about your squirrel adventures. I don't have them in my back yard as I live in a newer development with no mature trees, but I did have a problem with the black birds hogging the birdseed. So I switched to safflower seed and the other birds now have a chance to eat. Good luck with your squirrel control.


  2. love the hydrangias, yes you can change the colors of the blooms by the soil they are in, As for the squirrel wars we are full out against the little buggars here... they tear up everything and my plot of corn was the last straw! as for our bird feeders Mike devised a strange looking square of tin several years back its about 2 ft x 2 ft it is up the poles and just below the feeders they can climb the poles but cant get past the tin... we also will put pam on the poles just to laugh at them as they slide back down LOL. destructive things they are... hugs Laura

  3. Beautiful flowers - and a great victory for you on the Squirrel Battlefield! ;)
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. The hydrangeas are beautiful! I planted one bush in a very poor location several years ago and still have not had a flower on it....I really must move it where the forsythia isn't growing over the top of it...poor thing. I love them in all colors but prefer the bluish/greenish. I know that it is an acid/base soil thing that makes the color....like litmus paper :-) Poor little squirrel! Squirrels need to eat, too!! I guess I'm the lone squirrel lover in the world.

  5. Hi there, ellen, good to meet you - I've heard a lot about you and your family and the fun you have from, well, you know who! I feel like I now have another nephew - that kid is the best! Aren't you thrilled the scourges of the birdfeeders, be they feathered or bushy-tailed, don't eat safflower? It's the best piece of news I've heard in a long time!

  6. Love the hydrangea's and always have. One of my favorite flower bushes as well. I have always been told they bloom specific colors according to the acidity of the soil. Is this correct?

  7. Good Morning from Mississippi! Hope you have a great week. Keep up the good work here!

  8. The hydrangeas are gorgeous!
    I hate to tell you, but the squirrels will adjust to the safflower! Go back to WBU, and get a Squirrel Buster (or in a couple of weeks you can order one from me online). We have soll >500 and not one dissatisfied buyer...the squirrels simply can't get into them, and it's lots of fun watching them try.

  9. Oh they are beautiful and they are showing their way around the blogosphere today! Very nice.

  10. Ah I too love hydranga .. my mom told me they were called snowballs ... and I did know you can change the color .. has to do with acidity in the soil ..



  11. I LOVE hydrangeas! The pictures are fantastic!

    Good luck with the squirrel wars. I battle the deer more here.

  12. I didn't know hydrangea could have two different bloom colors on one plant! How on earth does that happen?!

    They are beautiful. The only way I can grow one is a wimpy little one on my kitchen windowsill, but as tiny as it is it's thriving. Periwinkle color -- my favorite.

    Cheers Miss TSAnnie!

    -- Laurie @ Foolery

  13. Beautiful flowers, I can see why they are your favorite. thanks for sharing

  14. Oh, I love these flowers, Annie! I can see why you keep falling in love. Back and forth.


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