Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What do you get...

...when wild ducks and domestic ducks "get together" (if you know what I mean) and make baby ducks?

Aside from some obvious pompadorable,

you also get a whole lot of strange and unusual! 



POST UPDATE:  The above are Manky Mallards!  If you hop on over to Charlie's post he wrote about these ducks on 10000 Birds, you'll find a wonderful explanation of these wonderful ducks.  Thanks to Charlie (& Louise who led me there). Oh, and Mike, another writer of 10000 Birds also posted about the ducks - and I'm really not sure mine are Manky's after reading all of this!


  1. I like the hairdo on the beige one...

  2. Love all the colors and that puff ball hair is really funny :-) Never see any with top-knots like that!

  3. Well - I don't think they're weird looking! They actually are very elegant! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. What's with those pouffy things on some of their heads?

    Love those ducklings, not an ugly one on the bunch


  5. Do you give the ducks hats? What is that?

  6. A motley group of ducks, to be sure. I've never before seen a green-billed duck, nor one with such a top knot! Very interesting.

  7. Adorable but not a Muscovey in the bunch! Yes, I love the pompador (?) on the beige one. Where did that word come from in my head?


  8. Oh bizarre! I've never seen a do quite like that on a duck.

  9. Was just checking out more of your blog (some GREAT pictures, by the way!), and saw this post. Don't know if you go to 10,000 birds, but if not, this was a recent post there: http://10000birds.com/swedish-crested-and-manky.htm

  10. "manky?" "Pompadorable"? Never mind the ducks, those are some interesting words!


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