Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Turklets* and King of the Side Table

A standoff was reached, thank goodness!

I am tickled pink to announce that the turklets made their first appearance over the weekend! It's the first time this summer we've seen them around the house and it was just wonderful to have them finally make their existence known!

Of course, King of the Side Table was also quite pleased with their appearance. I'm sure he was thinking "early Thanksgiving meal - and just my size!" He sauntered over to where the three adults and six babies were, all the while pretending he had no interest in them. 

One of the adult turkeys began to follow KotST.  He/she very effectively moved said cat away from the turklets. Of course, KotST had a look of total disdain painted all over his demeanor as if stalking a turklet was the very furthest thing from his mind. 

Look how far away from the turklets KotST is now.
Job well done, Mr./Ms. Protector-Turkey! 

While that naughty KotSB was kept at bay by the one turkey, 
the other two led the six turklets across the road...

To the stone wall...just a quick leap up...

And off to bed...



*Baby turkeys are actually called ~poults~ and a group of turkeys, 
baby or otherwise is called a ~rafter~. 
So above you have a ~rafter of poults~. 
I like a ~rafter of turklets~ better.


  1. I have never seen turkeys roaming about! wonderful!

  2. I think Dora is afraid of a mean Tom Turkey! So am I...

  3. cool to have wild critters roaming the hood!

  4. How beautiful! I saw a family like this in New York State the other day. It was exciting.

  5. LOL! My cats would not forgive me for laughing at KotST :-) Kitties need to be taught a lesson occasionally. What a handsome turkey family! That must be great to see them just wander around your yard. I've never seen a wild turkey.

  6. Ain't that nice! Well seen and documented! Cheers, Klaus

  7. I have never heard of Turklets! This was so sweet to see how they just followed behind. I wish kids would continue that as young adults...yeah, right.

    I have something for ya when you get a chance to stop by :)

  8. Who the hell knew turkeys could be so cute!

    Glad you learned something on my blog!!

    Hallie :)

  9. How cool. I, too, have never seen wild turkeys about the neighborhood. Your neighborhood is so pleasant looking too. Enjoy...

  10. Okay I love that name turklets, so sweet!

  11. How cute they are. I would love to see them just out and about that way.

  12. Wonderful .. I call them Shmoo's like those funny lemming like critters Al Capp drew ... our friends who have a house in Warren get visited by the Schmoo's all the time


  13. "Turklet" is that the scientific name for this bird? Hmmm
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and I have added yours' to my expanding** bloglist.

    **like my waistline

    Bear((( )))

  14. I love your turklettes ... and I thank you for your thoughts on the post about my deceased sister. I was having a tough day and went back to read my words and see her photo. There you were, and I feel better! Nice website. I will be back.

  15. You know - you might have something here.....the definition of a group of turkeys certainly suits some of the people we've seen out on the river in the 28 years my brother has had Otter Rafting Adventures!! LOL! Wait until I tell him!

  16. I like "turklets" better, too. This is a great series and story to go along with it!

  17. Nice post and photos.

    I just realized why I haven't been by lately. I have you in my bookmarks (pretty full), but not on my sidebar blogroll. I'll put you in my "Check it Out - Favorites" blogroll sidebar.

    You have an interesting blog. Kind of like ours. All over the place with lots of different cool stuff.

    Troy and Martha


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