Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday Serenity

Classified a weed*,
To me, it's a beautiful,
Delightful flower.



*Above is a photo of Common Chicory.  
You can also go here for more info on it's "weed" classification. 

Update of a previous post:  I've found out what those funny looking ducks are I wrote about a few days ago!  Click here and read the update at the bottom if you're curious!


  1. We had these in abundance in Missouri where I used to live. I sort of miss them now for the color. A whole field of them was just a soothing picture in my mind.

  2. It's all over here now too. Very lovely photo.

  3. I still think it is beautiful as well!!!

  4. One person's weed....something something something.

  5. When people say "weed" I think of large expanses of perfect grass and nitpicky people tending it...boring! Weeds always seem to be "wildflowers" to me....the more the merrier! I love Chicory! The color is so pretty!

  6. Chicory . how perfect .. tomorrow I leave for New Orleans where coffee is made with chicory ... not my fav way but ...


  7. I think it's a beautiful the color.

  8. I agree, it's a gorgeous blue flower and would never have thought a weed!

    Thanks for the update on the ducks. I visited Charlie and I think my duck is a Muscovy like many said. I'm going to email it to him for confirmation!

    Great post!

  9. That weed is beautiful. My favorite "weed" is Queen Anne's Llace. I have an entire field of it near me and it is gorgeous.

  10. Dontcha just love those weeds? Beautiful, Annie!

  11. I take them over store bought flowers any day!
    Cheers, Klaus

  12. Chicory it is, then. Thanks for your comment on my blog, and for letting me know that what I thought were Bachelor Buttons are actually chicory. Lovely photo!


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