Monday, July 21, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

As you might recall, I was in NYC last Wednesday to help forward along plans for the Norwalk Hospital Foundation's annual fund-raising gala with our caterer, Gracious Thyme.  Along with Miss LaLa, Jules and I, Maria and Bridget of the Hospital Foundation were also there.  The two of them drove in, so when it was time to go to lunch at Asia Society's Garden Court Cafe, the five of us drove there together. As women (and men from my own personal observation) are wont to do, we gabbed on the way there. Along the way, Bridget told us the following story:

She and her hubby met and married rather later in life and were blessed with a boy child about seven years ago when they both were around the 40 mark, give or take a few years.  
On weekend mornings, the three of them have a long-standing routine that as soon as the boy child (BC from now on) wakes up in the morning, he barrels onto his parents' bed and snuggles between the two of them. Nice!  
Last Saturday morning, BC came in as usual and the three of them are snuggling away when out of the blue, BC abruptly sat up, perplexedly looked at his mom who is lying on her back with her tee-shirt pretty night gown covering her, and asked: "Mommy why are you so flat when you lie down? You aren't flat when you stand up." (Bridget said at this point her hubby turned toward his nightstand and became intensely focused on the books there.) She answered her son:  "Well, that's because my boobs are in my armpits."  (With that, Hubby sat bolt upright on the side of the bed, looking like he knew he's seriously out of his realm.) BC then asked her why that was. She answered:  "It's because I'm in my 40's and that's just what happens, and also because I had you and babies do that to mommy's boobs." BC: "But when mommys on TV lie down, they're not flat." Bridget: "That's because they've had work done so their boobs stay up there and are perky. When you're older and are dating and the girl lies down, if her boobs stick straight up, you'll know she's had work done. But, of course, BC, you'll want a girl just like mommy!" (She said at that point hubby fled the bedroom without a backward glance.) BC: "Ohhhhh. Well, ok!  Let's go make pancakes!"   



P. S.  Judy and her husband, Chef Mark Cummings, proprietors of Gracious Thyme, have taken over the reins of Asia Society's Garden Court Cafe. The Cafe is located within the museum on the corner of Park and 70th and is only open for lunch and Sunday brunch. Please do yourself a huge favor! Go visit and dine in this little gem. You won't be disappointed! We were treated to lunch there and everything we tasted was beyond excellent, from the food to the tea of the day (oh, they also serve wine, etc.).  Yes, truly a "sublime secret spot!"  Click on any of the links for more information.


  1. Cute story. My sons used to do that too (not the boob thing), the cuddle thing. When they were very young, they'd be on each side of me. I loved waking up that way with my boys. Thanks for bringing back a sweet memory!

  2. True story...I miss the snuggle days with my babies.

  3. LOL! That is hilarious! I would be way to embarrassed to give my kids an explaination like that.

  4. Oh, so THAT's WHY when I bought this new bra my size increased! Took all that extra fat in from under my armpits and pulled it forward!

    Hillarious!!! Gotta love the babes!

  5. thanks for the giggle... I miss the little kid days in fact I would take a hundred 5 yr olds over one 16 yr old....ok I lied i would take 10 but only if they did not ever become teens...

  6. OMG that is just hilarious. Kids pick up on everything don't they? So, so dang funny.

    I'll cry if the kid ask me this.

  7. That has to be close to the top of the list of things I don't want to discuss with my kids!

    So you're going back to the doc because your foot still hurts? Yet I thought I heard you played golf yesterday?! Mine still hurts too, especially when I put it in a shoe! But I do it anyway!

    I hope it's still nothing serious. Bad enough to be gimpy without being "seriously" gimpy!

  8. Let's keep them young forever and ever:)

  9. Hilarious - gotta love kids!

  10. Too funny.

    My neice told her mom one day... "please don't let daddy see you naked."

    Babes indeed.

  11. Oh, the missed talk of little kids and inquisitive minds. Hilarious!

  12. Good story! I love how children ask all these deep questions, then finally get a satisfactory answer and immediately change the subject like it was no big deal.

    The mom was great with her responses!


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