Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Z... for Zinnia
Yes, my favorite flower.
Well, among others...
Single blooms are nice
But I think I like doubles 
Better - more showy. 
Bugs munch zinnias,
Holes are eaten in petals,
But beauty shines through.

ABC Wednesday is brought to us by Mrs. Nesbitt.  
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  1. This is one of my favorite flowers too!

  2. I love love love Zinnias. I used to grow them in my garden, when I used to have a garden, and they were so good to me! They never let me down with their display of colors.
    These are awesome photos.

  3. I love zinnias! And I have some nice ones in garden thanks to you...

  4. Nice photos, I like the wide variety of colors that zinnias display.

  5. Zinnias are always so colourful.
    Wonderful choice for ABC Wednesday.

    Near((( )))

  6. I have about two square feet of half-day sun and for the third year in a row I'm growing the puniest zinnias you ever saw. But I'm so fond of them I keep trying.
    I'm just a tad surprised that on 'Z' Wednesday, neither you nor MPM went with Zinfandel!

  7. Is there any flower that is NOT your favorite flower???? I do like colorful and varied if you have a lot of them mixed. Yours are very pretty. Great z post!

  8. Beautiful Flower - beautiful shot!
    Fantastic "Z".
    Cheers, Klaus

  9. Perfect post for Z. Lovely shots of a beautiful flower.

  10. They remind me of my mother, who loved the double ones, too. Beautiful!

  11. Gorgeous flowers! I love the ducks with the cool hairstyles in your previous post, too. :)

  12. Very nice - I loe zinnias too. We didn't have fancy flowers when I was a little girl - but we had zinnias! I loved them then, and I love them now.

  13. Annie, is every flower your favorite? Because they're mine, too.

  14. What a beautiful little flower, so full of colour!

  15. Well, I saw the zinnias last night, but how in the world did I miss those funny ducks?

  16. Annie,
    I hope your foot is okay! Hobbling around is no fun!

    Take care...

  17. Zinnias? You want zinnias? I got your zinnias right here:

    And here:

    There is a place just south of us that grows this absolutely huge field of zinnias.

    It is right next door to the field of marigolds:


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