Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ABC Wednesday - X


Main Entry:
Xan·thip·pe Listen to the pronunciation of Xanthippe
\zan-ˈthi-pē, -ˈti-\
Greek Xanthippē, shrewish wife of Socrates
an ill-tempered woman
(see picture below for the walking definition)
Miss LaLa (aka Mental P Mama), who is pictured above and at the time of that picture, obviously in a much better mood, jules, another buddy and I went to lunch today.  I happened to get a phone call while we were there.   

Me:  Hello?  Blah, blah blah. OK, good bye!

I noticed Mental P. was looking perturbed.  I soon enough found out why...

Mental:  That whole conversation you just had just pissed me all the way off.  Does that woman know nothing?  What kind of stupid were those questions she was asking??? 

Me:  Whatever! 

A few minutes later a very tall man has the audacity to walk in the restaurant as he is talking on his cell phone.  

Mental:  "Who the hell does he think he is??? Just walking in here like he owns the place talking on his cell phone."

Me:  "What's the big deal????  You were just on your cell phone."

Mental:  "That's different.  My call was important."

Me:  "Oh."

Mental:  "Well, I guess for your X word you should just use me instead of that Maxine cartoon! Xanthippe, my arse!  Obviously my hormones are running rampant and I am not pleased by anything!!!"

Ya think???


P. S. Still no word on my computer woes....(sigh)


  1. Okay I love the X's hilarious.

  2. People: IT WAS THE MOST ANNOYING PHONE CALL. EVER. xoxo, and yours in xanthippiosity, MPM

  3. Great "X" makes for a big Grin on my end!
    Cheers, Klaus

  4. Very funny :-) At least MPM is keeping you in a better mood and helping you forget the computer woes.

  5. Great to know we are all human! LOL!

  6. Nicely done! Excellent X Factor!
    Hope you hear good things on your computer soon!

  7. "Louis" thanks you for your visit to San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

    "Louis" is up past his cowbell in a work project for the next several weeks, so he may stop by and take a look but not sign the 'guest registry'.

  8. Am I the only one wondering why Mama is trying to lose weight? I mean good grief girl, you don't even LOOK old enough to have baby birds!


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