Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Wren's Nest Realized

I finally had a bird's nest that came to ultimate fledgling fruition!  After a failed robin's nest and mallard's nest, (it's been a bad bird's nest year), my mama wren brought it HOME! Her smartest move was nesting in the Christmas Cactus I hang under the eves of our front porch each spring. It's protected from the elements, and safe as there's no way for any varmint (or cat, ahem, Trey-you, darn you!) to be able to climb up and invade the nest...a perfect place...well, except, of course, for me and my camera. But try as I could, I only got a few good pictures. Hope you enjoy the few I could manage:

Mama Wren:  "I DO NOT LIKE you taking our picture!!!
But my babies are safe and sound
 in this perfect nesting place I picked
...and I like that, so take your dang picture
 already and be done with it!!"

Above, the perfect wren nesting place, 
(I do agree with Mama Wren's choice).

All gone - a successful launching - at last!  




  1. So sweet, I never get a good nest in my yard...hrmph!

  2. we had doves that always made their nest in the hanging baskets on our balcony. We didn't put up the baskets this year though...

  3. Nice of you to play host. Congrats on your brood!

  4. That is good Wren Estate! Great shots!
    Cheers, Klaus

  5. Congratulations! I love when birds nest in strange places like that :-) I know that we have some wrens, but never figured out where. I'm glad you stuck your nose in long enough to get a couple pictures!

  6. So cute! I bet they'll be back for a second brood...

  7. Wonderful .. Husband's daughter has had for two years in a row .. a mouring dove she named Molly who nested in a hanging planter on her patio .. she got to watch the babies grow and leave their nest .. she's sort of sad that since she's selling the house she wont get to see Molly again ...


  8. we get nests in the eaves of our house but the babies seem to never make it, the mamas push them out way to early! i'm glad to see yours have made it!

  9. Great capture. I tried to take a picture of a nest the other day and thought I would have a heart attack when the little birds flew out.


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