Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Salute to Another Very Nice Man

And a photo that has nothing to do with anything...except I like it...

Oak Tree Fungus Beauty

As you may or may not recall, my only son, Bly, is cursed with losing his wallet. As you may or may not recall, my son, Bly is also blessed with incredible luck in having his wallet always safely returned to him every time he loses it! It's happened again...Oh dear...I must....Oh dear...

TO BE CONTINUED LATER THIS MORNING.....CAN'T FINISH NOW....MUST GO TO BED...PLEASE CHECK BACK!!!! ARRRGGGHHH! (I'll try to make it worth the revisit, really, I will!!!)

8:22 am: I'm back! Got sidetracked last night...MOS told me several weeks ago that a buddy of his from college would be coming here to stay with us for a few days, if that was ok (it was). What he didn't tell me was that friend was arriving last night. Kind of put a crimp in my blogging time. The three of us spent quite a bit of the evening talking about his across-the-country trip and looking through his incredible photography portfolio.

Back to Bly and his wallet:

First time he lost his wallet, a lovely lady found it and returned it to him. Second time he lost his wallet, and returned it to him. Third time? Another lovely man.
Phone rings. I don't recognize the number, but it's local so I answer it. Male voice: "Is George there?" Me: "Sorry, no, can I take a message?" Guy: "My name is Skip and I have his wallet. I found it in the street when I was out jogging. It has his license and bank card in it so I was able to figure out the phone number." Me: "________." Guy: "Excuse me, you still there?" Me, sputtering: "Yes, it's just that this has happened before to my son and
every time some wonderful person has returned it." Guy, chuckling, "Guess he's just lucky."
Fast forward two days later. Bly had spoken to the gentleman with his wallet and told him he was working double shifts and would try to sneak out to pick up his wallet late on the second day. That day, I was sitting at my kitchen table around 6:00 pm when I noticed a lady jogging to the side door. I opened the door...and was handed Bly's wallet. After thanking her profusely, she said it was no big deal as she and her wallet saving hubby were just out for ice cream. They live all the way over on the other side of town. For the third time, not the second but the third, here is proof that there are very decent people left in this world! And that Bly is incredibly lucky. Hey there, big guy, I wouldn't be pushing it. That wallet luck of yours is bound to run out!

Maybe this'll help you keep track of it. Just don't lose your pants!

See that nice convenient loop he can attach to his pants' belt loop?
Think it'll help? Nah, me neither.




  1. The difference between men and women is men lose their wallets and women worry about that fact.

    A woman loses her pocketbook?

    There's an Amber Alert.

    I am so sorry and hopefully by now this has all been resolved.

  2. HHAhahah...thanks God he found his wallet! Nice picture of the tree. Fungus never looked so good. HAHahahah.... =)

  3. I hope GB doesn't find out about it. Just in case, I'll get the net out.

  4. Another morning smile! Thanks! Cheers, Klaus

  5. Why do mothers have to worry over their son's "stupidity" when they don't? Just because we are mothers. Glad all turned out well, and yes, there are a lot of nice people in the world still, thankfully. The free fungus shot is lovely and a great post!

  6. Glad he's had yet another great outcome! And it's so wonderful to hear about lovely people out there that go out of their way to return things!

  7. My Cape Cod Kid never lost his wallet, but he wears it on a chain anyway, just cuz it looks cool.

    If MOS were to lose the wallet-on-a-chain, it would mean he also lost his pants!

  8. OMG that is amazing, really i'm surprised. I'm moving to your neck of the woods.

  9. He IS lucky. Some people are just like that!

    Interesting photo!

  10. The luckiest guy ever! And I love moss and fungi pictures, too. Oh, I have a gift for you. It's on my site.

  11. how does this happen? what a lucky duck!

  12. Very funny and totally encouraging in regards to the human race.


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