Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can't Post Pictures...Can't Visit Blogs...

Can't post pictures....can't visit blogs...why I could post this much is beyond me when I can't get anywhere else. Here in the "outback" of Mizzourah (HA!) the internet connect is random at best...right now it is randomly bad.  Been trying to upload pics and just visit blogs to leave a comment or two...not happening!  Phone company (only internet connection available where my parents live)?? Better improve your customer satisfaction cuz we are not happy here!  

I'll be trying again tomorrow hope my luck is better. We're all having a blast and there really are some fun things to share!  

Until whenever, I guess I'll be disturbing! 




  1. You have fun! That is what counts! :)
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Poor Annie....pictureless and disturbed. We'll patiently await your renewed connection with the world. Just enjoy the vacation!

  3. Enjoy your visit.. I know how frustrating it is,, my pc is still blogger comment unfriendly, working right now so I am trying to make up for lost time... Have fun and be safe...

  4. Don't worry about blogging. Worry about visitng, relaxing and having fun!

    For the record, my internet connection in Springfield was way better than it is here. Our population here is 3 times what Springfield was, so I was a little irritated!


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