Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Done

Back to school!  Summer
seemed to be so very short. 
Calm days are over...

Cody misses us,
But here's a boy for her to love
Isn't that just grand?



P. S.  As you read this, I'm back to work - first day!  (pooh!). 
It's been a wonderful - and short - summer!  
Here's to a good year for all of us involved in school systems!  


  1. Yep Autumn's coming! Have a good 1st!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Hope you have a great school year and the school system is lucky to have you.

  3. Happy back to work. I think ;) Hope you have a great year.

  4. It WAS too short. But ours ended 2 weeks ago, so we're sort of in routine by now. My hat's off to you for being in the school system. I'm a volunteer teacher, and it's just about more than I can take my one day a week (which doesn't start until next week).

  5. My first day back too only as a student:o) Have a great first day!

  6. Hope your first day was enjoyable. I rather the second or third week when the kids get used to the routine again.

  7. Welcome back .. I cannot wrap my mind around this end of summer thing ... sigh ... if I close my eyes real tight do you think it will stay summer?


  8. Ours starts next week, but our teachers come back tomorrow for the first of teacher meetings. I'm looking forward to it!

  9. ...Oh love the photo of the lil' boy and Cody. Is there anything more heartwarming than kids and dogs... :o)

    ...Happy first day back! Hope it is was a good one...

    ...Blessings... :o)

  10. Aww... what a beautiful tribute to Summer... it's still warm outside but yes, school is back, life is changing out there... it is sorta sad...

  11. Good luck to you on your first day back.

    Bear((( )))

  12. I've posted my final blog entry. I wanted to thank-you for becoming one of my regular readers over the last few months, your comments have always been a highlight in my day. Cheers!

  13. Back to work so soon? :( Summer just seems to fly right on by!


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